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  1. New valve stem, held in place with a thin nut. either under tightened so came undone? Or over tightened and split?
  2. Yep, I watch this a while back. But why would you want to that!!!!! I say that as someone who has never got their knee down. Apart from one off
  3. Everybody has their own ideas on whats best. But keeping an open mind and reading or watching other peoples take on riding, can only be a good thing. Even if it doesn't always agree with what you have already learned.
  4. Not thought about that yet. But its amazing what you can do with duck tape :-)
  5. Some realy good face plants on that. Has helped to cheer me up. now my ribs and shoulder hurt. need more pain killers.....
  6. No point worring about the things behind you... They are in your past.

  7. No point worring about the things behind you... They are in your past.

  8. Cheers Ago, I have been looking at the trackmaster app' but haven't downloaded it yet, as i was looking for a free one. But if it works, i wont mind paying for it as its only a few pounds and would give me loads of feed back.
  9. I need to sort out a method. using a track layout map and put on info like; corner gear selection, ref points for break/turn in, surface changes etc. I have a lap timer on my bike but havent used it yet! Dont realy think about times but if i carry on that way how will i know ive improved? I do like the idea of an app for my phone, turn it on each session and get the data, it makes sense to me! Perhaps im lazey, but i think it would work for me.
  10. Hi Crash, what ever you write could get you in hot water.... Most crashes happen to someone following a mate, while riding outside of their comfort zone. I have to agree with the all the above coments regarding training schools, and even a trackday or 2 could/would help with learning more about your bike. How hard you can break, how fast you can turn, how far you can lean etc. I know going to a trackday may not be an option for most but it is a lot safer than street riding. Its far better to find your limits in a safe environment. Good luck with your news letter. Andy
  11. Spidey Oh well, will have to wait until later on next year to do my next level. I will keep on smiling until then. Easty
  12. Hi Spidey, Are there going to be any more Weekend dates for 2012? If not as there aren't any early on in the season. Cheers, Easty
  13. Hi All, In Level 1, for me it was Throttle control. A Big +1 Followed by TP's For Level 2, I found 2 step a revelation. A huge difference in my riding, But I never thought much about looking where I wanted to end up before then!!!! Quite worrying when I think about it now. And I had done a bit of grass tracking at Rockingham earlier that year..... Easty
  14. Great Vids, Its nice to hear different peoples honest opinions regarding what they have learnt at the school. I think everybody who rides would gain some form of improvement(s) and should at least consider doing level 1, or if possible a few hours on the slide and break bike. Maybe something that can be thought about for learner riders aswell PS hope i am still able to get on a 600 super sport when i'm 75 , Fair play....... Easty
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