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  1. I need to sort out a method. using a track layout map and put on info like; corner gear selection, ref points for break/turn in, surface changes etc.

    I have a lap timer on my bike but havent used it yet! Dont realy think about times but if i carry on that way how will i know ive improved?

    I do like the idea of an app for my phone, turn it on each session and get the data, it makes sense to me! Perhaps im lazey, but i think it would work for me.

  2. Hi Crash, what ever you write could get you in hot water....

    Most crashes happen to someone following a mate, while riding outside of their comfort zone. I have to agree with the all the above coments regarding training schools, and even a trackday or 2 could/would help with learning more about your bike. How hard you can break, how fast you can turn, how far you can lean etc. I know going to a trackday may not be an option for most but it is a lot safer than street riding. Its far better to find your limits in a safe environment. Good luck with your news letter. Andy

  3. Hi All,


    In Level 1, for me it was Throttle control. A Big +1

    Followed by TP's


    For Level 2, I found 2 step a revelation. A huge difference in my riding, :D

    But I never thought much about looking where I wanted to end up before then!!!!:unsure: Quite worrying when I think about it now.

    And I had done a bit of grass tracking at Rockingham earlier that year..... :o



  4. Great Vids,

    Its nice to hear different peoples honest opinions regarding what they have learnt at the school.

    I think everybody who rides would gain some form of improvement(s) and should at least consider doing level 1, or if possible a few hours on the slide and break bike.


    Maybe something that can be thought about for learner riders aswell :rolleyes:


    PS hope i am still able to get on a 600 super sport when i'm 75 :D , Fair play.......





  5. @AryM

    I've checked on ebay alredy , but only US sellers got them but i will keep on looking because i like them alot:)


    Gilles were my first choice but i read some mixed comments about them so i decided to ask here:)

    Some people complain that they brake easily during a crash and heal plates get loosed.

    btw I've got a Zx6r too:)





    I'm not planning on crash testing them to prove a point :rolleyes:, so I don't know if they can withstand a misshap.

    and I've had no issue with heal plates coming loose. but then again I do tend to over tighten most things slightly.



  6. Hi Y4C4,


    Have a set of Gilles VCR on my ZX6r.


    Very well made and ever so simple to adjust. 1 alen key bolt adjusts the height and pitch, then you just have to readjust the gear lever.

    Only gripe is heal plate a little small and i am scratching the swing arm on the left hand side.

    But they feel realy solid, and give loads of grip when on the move.



  7. Hi ,

    I have just attended Level 1 at Silverstone in the UK on 12th Sep riding an R6 hire bike. It was a fantastic day and as well as learning a great deal I had a LOT of fun.

    In fact so much fun that I forgot to ask about the tyres on the bike ( or even look at them ) I'm wondering if they were tyres specifically for the track or the kind of tyres found on a road going sportsbike?

    What a great experience , everyone should do it. I'm already planning level 2 .




    HI WLondoncb1000,


    Glad to hear you had fun, Even though the weather was a little on the windy side.


    I am fairly sure that the school hire bikes run on Dunlop Sportsmarts, a dual purpose road and track tyre. if you look on the dunlop web site there is loads of info.


    I had a set fitted to my bike the last time i attended the school and have no complaints at all. They are very good in the wet and dry. Also I have done a TD at Mallory on them and they looked pretty well brand new

    afterwards. Just had to drop the pressures when I arrived and re-inflate before riding home.


    I will be testing them over a longer distance at the end of the month, Magny Cours about 2k. Will let you know what they look/feel like afterwards.


    Also you can look on the Forums Tyre section there is plenty of info regarding tyre selection/pressures and the like.



  8. What about the Icon chest and back protector. I rock the Dainese, but I have friends who use the Icon and it looks very safe. I do like the length of my Dainese. Well, at least until it rides up and pushes my helmet forward.



    Hi Jason,


    I used to use the Dainese back protector, and have had the same issue with it riding up and pushing my helmet foward. Also the guys at CSS in the Uk thought it was a bit too narrow to provide proper protection around the shoulders.


    I now use a Forcefield 2 protector that is much wider at top than the Dainese one, it moulds to my back when it warms up and I haven't had a problem with it riding up while being used. I foget that i am wearing it once its on.


    Thankfully I haven't had to use either of them to find out if they work. But both are CE approved to Level 2.


    Andy E

  9. Hmmmm, Never used the Sportsmarts. But if they are N-Tec construction your post would right in the ball park.


    What does the local supplier recommend for this particular tire on the street? and on the track?




    Sorry no sure as I had them fitted at the school last month, used first time on a very/very wet stowe circuit. tyre pressures were set by fitter. Not sure what the front pressure was but rear was set at 27psi cold.

    On the road I run them at the recomended pressures of 36F & 42R, but on the ZX6r it feels as if the suspension is working harder than with my previous Mich 2CT's. So may adjust pressures sightly for road use.


    But saying that I feel a lot more confident with the Dunlops fitted over The Bridgestones or Michelins.



  10. Hi Steve,


    I have a set of NTec Sportsmarts fitted to my ZX6r. (In UK)


    Looking at your reply re-track pressures (Page1), I am thinking they would be OK to run Cold at 31F & 21/22R in the Dry and upping pressures slightly maybe, +2F & +3/5R if on a wet track.


    As there is no mention of Sportsmarts in your list of Tyres I am basing these pressures on the NTec construction.





  11. Hi Steve,


    Re- Did you get back on the horse and ride it?


    Cheers for reply.


    Couldn't ride the Triple as had no brake lever, so went straight out on my zx6r. Didn't enjoy turning right for first few miles (its all in the mind)

    The bike and my pride will heal with a little TLC. But I don't think that will be off the wife at the mo though!!! Not until i've fixed her bike.


    I will take it out as soon as the parts have been fitted, get rid of the demon's.





  12. Hi,


    Just looking for an excuse i suppose!! As I feel stupid.

    I was going to take my wifes bike a Triumph Street Triple out for a short blast, managed about 25 feet!!!


    The bike had been stood in the garage since around November. The floor is covered in rubber matting (old conveyor belt, no oil or residue)

    I pulled off the drive turning right onto the road, watched by my wife. I didn't pull away quickly or with loads of rev, and the bikes rear end stepped out down it went..

    Mostly cosmetic damage but cracked the pulse cover and snapped off brake lever. £100 ish.


    My Question is 1/. Can tyres loose grip or oils come back to there surface if stood for a while?

    2/. Could the trye have been affected by the rubber matting?


    But most likley I just gave it to much throtle when i pulled away, the roads were dry and clean...



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