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  1. Hi Steve, Re- Did you get back on the horse and ride it? Cheers for reply. Couldn't ride the Triple as had no brake lever, so went straight out on my zx6r. Didn't enjoy turning right for first few miles (its all in the mind) The bike and my pride will heal with a little TLC. But I don't think that will be off the wife at the mo though!!! Not until i've fixed her bike. I will take it out as soon as the parts have been fitted, get rid of the demon's. Andy
  2. Hi, Just looking for an excuse i suppose!! As I feel stupid. I was going to take my wifes bike a Triumph Street Triple out for a short blast, managed about 25 feet!!! The bike had been stood in the garage since around November. The floor is covered in rubber matting (old conveyor belt, no oil or residue) I pulled off the drive turning right onto the road, watched by my wife. I didn't pull away quickly or with loads of rev, and the bikes rear end stepped out down it went.. Mostly cosmetic damage but cracked the pulse cover and snapped off brake lever. £100 ish. My Question is 1/. Can tyres loose grip or oils come back to there surface if stood for a while? 2/. Could the trye have been affected by the rubber matting? But most likley I just gave it to much throtle when i pulled away, the roads were dry and clean... Andy
  3. I Can't belive it.... Here's hoping Andy all the best for a speedy and full recovery, Our thoughts go out to family and friends.
  4. Evening all, Just booked up my first trackday outing of season, (No Limits) at Anglesey on Sun 24th April. Hope the rain stays off!!! but it is over the BH weekend so will proberbly need the waterproofs. Also considering doing one at end of February or March at either Oulton/Cadwell or Silverstone, will have to keep an eye on the weather leading up though. Easty
  5. What kind of corners do you most struggle with? Slow/medium/fast? All of the Silverstone circuits have different strengths really, stowe best for slower, tricker stuff, national has a couple of very fast bends and is fast, south is super quick and has a mix of some slow and some very fast. Horses for courses really. As for you "bank manager", she'd be very welcome and really we don't get enough women come to the school which is a shame as they make great students. We normally make massive strides as confidence is often low, but we empower them to just relax and enjoy themselves and realise they can be every bit as good as the guys. Get her to come on the forum and stick up a couple of posts, we have a few regular ladies on the forum who love riding and would be more than happy to remove the myths I'm sure. Of your circuit choices for trackdays, I'd skip Snetterton and Mallory if funds are tight as niether are the last word in excitement compared to something exceptional like Cadwell, Donnington, Outlon, Brands GP, Silverstone Arena or Angelsey. Look forward to hearing what you decide. Bullet Its hard to say, but feel I struggle most with slow tight hairpin/decreasing radius turns. It usualy feels like i am too slow from a third/half way around to exit, The pickup drill will help with the exit getting on the throttle sooner. Not sure of medium or fast corners as only limited time on track, at Anglesey International from Church to Rocket all linked up into one long right hand turn. Managing to get into 4th before rolling off for Left hander into Rocket, 5th By end of day. As for trackdays was looking at mainly weekend/bank holiday dates, which does cut my options and increase cost! but havent enough floating days for more than 1 or 2 weekday outings. So looking for some early dates end of Feb into March. Andy PS Nikki says Hi, she might join up soon.
  6. Hi Andy Thanks for contributing and sharing your recent experience. What plans do you have for 2011? More track days? I agree Angelsey is a great circuit, very good indeed. let us all know, and feel free to join in general banter or threads, as all levels of understanding and experience are good to share as many will be exactly where you are in that journey! Bullet HI Bullet, Would love to do level 3 & 4 this year, which circuit would be best, Stowe/South or National? Both previous levels taken on Stowe, nice short circuit with lots of chances to try different lines in the same corner each session. I may have answered the above question. My better half is thinking about doing L1 this year, if she can pluck up the courage....... Other plans for 2011, I would like to do 12 track days Cadwell/Donnington/Snetterton/Mallory & Anglesey. But the better half and the bank manager wont let me. I can but dream.. Might manage 4 or 5 this year. Andy
  7. Hi all, My names Andy I've been hanging around since Sept last year. But never said Hello until now. I live in The Black Country (West Mids) in good old blighty. I ride an 07 ZX6r - Green of course, passed my test in early 2005. I have done level 1 & 2 both at Stowe last year May/Sept. Yellow 11 & 18. I'm hoping to do more levels this year, but also want/need to put new skills into practice on track. Learn more about my bike and more importantly where i am now. I have done 3 track days. 1st in 2009 at Donnington (the start of something great). 2nd in 2010 at Rockingham (hated the place, rear puncture didn't help. Total lack of confidence) Then my mind & eyes were opened at the School. Level 1 in the Bag. 3rd in Sept at Anglesey (Bloody Fantastic) putting L1 into practice. Damp start soon dried out, nice to chat with like minded people about having lots of fun on track. Then Level 2, another great day. didn't quite get the pick up drill, but wide vison opens up so many doors. Hopefully many many more GREAT days to come.
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