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  1. dylan, agree completely. there is no one "right" way to ride a motorcycle in my opinion and alot of what you do on the bike depends on the bike you ride, pace, the tarmac you're on, etc. there are a number of non negotiables of course that basically align all the schools in common thought, and it gets interesting when you start talking about more technical/advanced skills and how the teaching differs. but you can google racing photos and techniques and it's not hard to see that there are many different ways to go fast and not crash. all that being said, i was lucky enough to have you (
  2. also done a few other schools before doing CSS, including CLASS with Reg Pridmore, Yamaha Champions, and Lee Parks Total Control. now mind you, i'm 47 years old, and got my motorcycle license 4 years ago, and moved to CA just 2 years ago. i've done all these schools in a year and a half. why? i wanted to unlearn any bad habits from the get go, and embrace the technical aspect of riding and the relationship between rider and machine. i'm probably a slow A or faster B rider at an open track day at this point (or so i was told at CSS by my coach). so i'm no beginner and far from an exper
  3. had a blast. learned a great deal and got to ride a sport bike for the first time. done a bunch of track days and a few schools on naked/standard bikes i own or was given to ride (own a CB1000R and rode an FZ8 at another school) so this was an interesting change for a guy who is 6'3" and 220lbs. overall a fantasticly well run organization, lots of information but not overload. you're always moving during those 2 days (camera bike, lean bike, track time, classroom, etc) but never feel rushed. after so many years of teaching it's not suprising they have it down. most importantly,
  4. my friends at BMW of Manhattan recommended the school to me last week, i'm an avid rider living in southampton NY, relocating to California this winter. i ride a BMW r 1200 r (naked standard) and love it. i've also participated in the motorgiro d'italia this year riding through the Italian Alps on a Yamaha TDM 900; trip of a lifetime. nothing makes me happier on a bike than the twisties so i'm definitely interested in refining my cornering techniques and becomming more skilled and safe. is the school right for me since i'm not a 'superbike' rider? thanks!
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