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  1. Welcome! I can relate to the whole change in weather. Wish the summers were longer up here. Lots of knowledgeable people on this forum. I've picked up quite of bit on here. I'm sure you will too. Ozzy
  2. Thanks guys for the advice! I'm fairly limited in my experince here so I always appreciate the help. Ozzy
  3. Timmer, I recently changed out the exhaust on 2011 ZX 10R to a two brothers slip on(eliminating catalytic converter). I also installed a K&N air filter. The map that closest fits what I have is for a two brothers slip on with stock air filter, but now I've been running hotter at moderate speeds. What easy fix, if any, can I do to remedy this? Is there gonna be any new maps to address this? Or will it even help? Thanks, Ozzy
  4. I called earlier in the week and was told they did. Killer price too!
  5. Welcome Kawigirl!, As the other say, there's plenty to be learned on this site alone. I am what Cobie calls a "lurker" so I don't post often, but I do visit the site regularly and have leaned a lot from the people on here. I too plan on doing the 2 day camp at The Ridge this year. I was a corner worker last year for CSS and the track is awesome! You'll really enjoy it! Hope to see you then! Ozzy
  6. Those last three laps still have me on the edge of my seat every time I watch them! Amazing race!
  7. She was at Streets when I went through level 1 & 2 last September. She rode really well even then. Like Anthem said, must be genetic!
  8. But Streets of Willow is the sure bet for all the off-track goodies, right? /Kai Kai, Yes, weather is as close to a guarantee as can be had, and we have the room for the slide bike, there is a skid pant right next to the track that we use. Hope to sign up for the two day camp for Levels 3 & 4 at The Ridge Motorpark. Seeing how this will be your first time up here, do you know if you will have it here? Thanks, Ozzy
  9. Tim, I am debating on which of these routes I should go so any further info would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know the pros and cons of both in order to make an educated purchase. Thanks, Ozzy
  10. Sweet!! Time to start saving my pennies! Ozzy
  11. Timmer, I read that I could add 15hp to my ZX-10R by reflashing my ECU per ECUnleashed. If true, what benefits could adding a Power Commander on top of that bring? Thanks, Ozzy
  12. The track looks great! I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the info Sean G. Ozzy
  13. That would be AWESOME!!!! Maybe Dylan and Keith can come take a look some time!
  14. Sean G, Thanks for the info! I'm gonna definetly have to check that out. Didn't even know that they was a track opening in Shelton. Sounds like its gonna be a good track. Will be looking forward to it as well. Ozzy
  15. Sean G, Been wanting to hit a track day there, but had heard bad things about the track in the past. Is this just rumor? Or was that back in the day? My only track experience thus far is Level I and II down at Streets in June. Thanks! Ozzy
  16. Tim, My question is, on bike like the BMW S100RR and the Kawi ZX-10R which have multiple power modes, does a power commander make a map specific for that power mode? Or does it make a generic one that is used for all the bikes power modes? Also, just to clarify, you can use a Power Commander with even just a slip on exhaust as apposed to a full exhaust? Thanks in advance! Ozzy
  17. Hey Swiss, I am fairly new to the "hanging off" process as well so I am by no means an expert, but what stands out to me right off the back is that your outside leg doesn't seem to be locked on. It may be from you trying to hang off a little too much. Do you feel like your supporting too much of your weight with your arms? If so, that may be the reason. Like I said, by no means am I an expert. I'm sure there will be some more seasoned riders along soon to confirm or deny my suspicious as well as to add some more advice. Ozzy
  18. Hey everyone, I just want to say thank you to everyone involved in my level I and II experience. Be it staff or fellow students alike. This was my first ever track experience and I must say I loved it! It was the best ever experience I've had on a bike. I would go as far as to say that it is the best recreational experience of my life. Everyone was very approachable and made you feel welcome. The technical briefings were very well explained and fresh in your mind when it was time to get on the track and practice them. The feedback immediately following the riding sessions were very helpful when it was fresh in your head. Though after looking at the photos that were taken by the photographer on site I realize I have quite a bit to work on and lock down, I can honestly say that I'm a much better rider than when I showed up. I cannot wait to go back for levels 3 and 4. Unfortunately for me, I think it won't be til next year that I get to go back. So again, thank you for the unforgettable experience! I would like to thank my on track coaches Pete and Joe who were my coaches for level I and II respectively. Also Kristi who coached me on the steering bike and Gerry who coached my on the lean bike. And of course I would like to thank Katie (student services director) and Karyn (admin staff) for sending me my helmet and gloves that I left behind. Thank you for making my boneheaded move a lot less consequential. You all epitomize what it is to be a professional. Ozzy
  19. I have the Stomp Grip tank pads on my bike and this past weekend rode the school's BMW which has the TechSpec. I personally would prefer the Stomp Grip. I feel that they provide a better grip out of the two. They are a little more aggressive in the way it is constructed, but nothing that is too irritating, even in jeans. Ozzy
  20. Jason, I too noticed Keith doing that when motioning rolling on the throttle. Unfortunately for me, I didn't try it out. Gonna have to remember that the next time I'm out. Again, it was good meeting you on Saturday. Ozzy
  21. Thanks guys! You have given me some food for thought. I am debating between the Alpinestars SP-1 one piece and the Alpinestars Monza two piece. Your input definitely will help me with my decision. Also, will be renting the school leathers for my 11th and 12th school dates to see if a one piece suits me. Thanks again gentlemen! Ozzy
  22. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy my first set of leathers and wanted to get peoples opinions between a 1 piece and a 2 piece suit. What are the pros and cons between the two and also what you prefer and why. Thanks in advance! Ozzy
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