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  1. Thks a lot ! I had truck loads of fun. Of course I remember you--one of my students! You really rode well, it was a pleasure to work with you. Dylan
  2. I went to the India School this past weekend. Great Experience, awesome !! Cannot believe the improvement I made over the weekend - in confidence, technique and speed. I was riding a Ninja 250 (I was the one with the Jorge Lorenzo Moon Man Helmet) Cobie, Lou and Dylan were my coaches for Levels I, II and III. Thanks a lot guys.
  3. I ride a stationary bicycle mostly to get my weight down. (used to before I broke my collarbone) 15 miles a day - 5 days a week. (~60 mins daily over changing terrain - about as much as it can change on a stationary bike )
  4. For me, it was probably a case of too much too soon. I was near about the maximum lean angle when I suddenly and strangely felt I was well.. too slow. What followed next was a very fast roll on (which was smooth but fast - uhh, now I'm confused), the rear slid, gripped again and I highsided (broke my collarbone) Rgds, Vaibhav
  5. Great to hear about Andy's progress. Wish that the rest of the recovery process is even quicker.
  6. A couple of pics from my first couple of trackdays ever...(This is from Level I and II's in India in January.) Riding a Kawasaki Ninja 250. (my first bike)
  7. Wishing a speedy recovery to Andy. I wish he gets back to full health as soon as possible. Best Wishes, Vaibhav
  8. It was an awesome three days for me. I would love to go back to school as soon as possible (even if it was as soon as this week) Thanks Darren for the great feedback.
  9. First picture sent to me by a friend. The gain in confidence, technique and skills at the school is simply mindblowing. There is still a lot of/huge scope for improvement and I already want to go to the school again. As soon as possible. Will post more pictures as they come through from the official photographer.
  10. Hi, Did Level 1,2 and 3 in India this weekend. To be precise " I did things I never thought I could do." The drills were so so much fun to do. My body was getting tired by the end of Level III, but my mind refused to stop. Special thanks to all the guys from the school. I was lucky enough to interact directly with Keith Code ("Guru" : Got my TOTW books signed ) Andy Ibbott (Level III body position, great to work with) Steve Brouggy (Level I classroom sessions - Great teacher ) Darren Sweetman (Darren was one of the guys who helped make my mind up to go to school (via the forum), he was also my Level III coach, was awesome working with you) Glenn (My Level II coach, helped me greatly with apexes and RP's) Appanna (My Level I coach, corrected a lot of very basic mistakes) Dylan Code (Level II classroom sessions - Made complex things appear so simple) Last but not the least Gary (Makes a tough job look simple) Was riding a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I will try to post pictures as I get them.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I have registered for Level I, II and III this year.
  12. Thanks for the inputs guys. Much appreciated. However, considering the low frequency of track days available here, would it make sense to repeat Level 1 and Level 2 immediately just for the sake of more practice. Rgds, Vaibhav
  13. Hi, Does it make sense to repeat the levels immediately (a couple of days) after doing them. (for more practice, tracktime, re-learning stuff you missed etc) Also, for a first time student which of the below options is better. 1. All levels (1-4) at one go. 2. Levels 1-2 this year and 3-4 next year. Thanks for the help. Rgds, Vaibhav
  14. Sad to hear that Cobie. Let's catch up sometime soon.
  15. Thanks for the info Darren. Will definitely try my best to be there. See you at the track Rgds, Vaibhav
  16. Thanks guys ! Looking forward to a great experience out here and hoping to learn quite a bit too.
  17. A quick thought: Sliding alone might not make you faster The conditions/corner play a huge part too. Lets take karts for the first example; Some thoughts: If it (track, ambient temp) is too hot and the kart is sliding (drifting ?) around anyway, going around corners might be a little faster if you anticipate (& partially cause) and guide the slide. However, if, for example, the grip levels are good; sliding it around too much might lose you time compared to what you would have done otherwise. You might feel good about sliding it around and suddenly you see a guy who's doing otherwise and going a lot faster. (Vice versa for low grip conditions) However, there are certain corners where you can't help but drift a bit if you want to be quick and I think that should be natural. Holding a solid line there might cost you time. Another e.g. This week's motogp race at valencia@ The last corner. The guys were hanging the backs of their bikes out just to go around the corner quicker because that was the fastest way around. I think Stoner was faster by as much as 0.3 sec in qualifying in that one single corner due to him doing the part better than most. As for bikes, I haven't tried sliding out too much (compared to karts where I have had many track days); but the same principles might/should apply there too. Just a few thoughts.
  18. Cobie, Yup I'd definitely be interested this year. Dropped them (@ the UK School) a line. Thanks a lot. Rgds, Vaibhav
  19. Hi All, This is Vaibhav from India. I have ridden on and off for 4 years, but its been only 6 months since I got my Ninja 250. (First job ~First bike) I have been lurking on the forum for a while (while = a couple of months), and finally decided to do a post. I just came across the forum through some other articles I was going through, and the same coincided with the me taking up riding seriously. Got the Twist of the Wrist books too. Just Great! I am decent at racing karts (have done a couple of national championships, won a couple of national corporate championships ) The last time I went to the local kart racing track I had the track record . But its been six months and I would be happy to go back and find a new record. Something to go after. Btw, some of the info mentioned in the twist of the wrist books is great help for kart racing too. Helps look at things in a new perspective I have been riding since then. Eager to learn more..Chomping at the bit. See you around.
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