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  1. At this stage mate the dates in Feb are the only scheduled for this year. Also I doubt they would have it anywhere else other than Hampton but you never know. Just book a trip to Phillip Island and do it there...go on!!
  2. Hey Steve. Unsure where your based but we have 2 days of Superbike School at Hampton Downs (near Auckland) Feb 6th (Waitangi Day) and 7th. Link below... http://www.californiasuperbikeschool.co.nz It's the only dates booked for this year so come on board!!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys and clearing that up. Trying not to analyse it too much to be honest but the tyre was definantly not overheating going by Steve's description. My thoughts are that it was a bit of both pressure on the bars with lean angle and that I over-rid the limits of the tyre. I was proably going the quickest I had ever been which led me to slip in terms of technqiue and also I'll be taking a good look at the tyres I'm using. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi Steve, Recently I had a low side where I lost the front on a off camber left hander. I was running Metzeler M5 road tyres and had plenty of laps under my belt. Day was warm (20 degrees) and dry so the tyres were up to temp. The tyres had been on the bike for 4-6 months and had plenty of tread left. A comment was made to me that using road tyres on the track is not a good idea as they can overheat when a rider reaches a good pace, which then compromises performance (i.e. get greasy). Is there any truth to this or is it a myth? To be honest I'm 99% sure it was me (weight on th
  5. Would it be fair to say that most will only tune their bikes after getting an aftermarket exhaust? But I would like to know whether there would be any benefit in tuning a bike that is stock standard.
  6. I've been doing a bit of research into tyre warmers and have a question around the temperature they should be set at? I'm using Metzeler M5's and I'll just do a few laps gradually increasing my speed to get the tyres up to temp but I would like the advantage to go full speed only after a few corners. I have had mixed advice as to the temp the warmers should be set at for street/track supersport tyres compared to proper race tyres. One view is to set the temps lower to 55-60C (131-140F) so you don't "cook" the tyre over the course of a day. Another piece of advice was that adjustable
  7. Don't forget March 14th and 15th Hampton Downs Waikato New Zealand All Levels. Only 1 week to go!
  8. Righto I'll have a go...let me know if I've gone wrong somewhere Right after counter stearing in order for the bike to continue cornering on the descired line the front wheel must constantly re-position itself side-to-side so that it's following the rear wheel around the corner. If the front wheel cannot re-position itself (e.g. the rider is holding on too tight and/or placing too much weight forward) the bike cannot corner and it'll run wide. Too much weight forward also compresses the front forks and takes the bike out of the perfect 60/40 balance. Also the more weight you have on t
  9. Bit of an insight into our Kiwi heritage Get a pair of stubbies today!!
  10. Hi all, Completed level 1 at Hampton Downs (New Zealand) yesterday and I'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone (especially my coach Jason) for making it such an awesome day! I'll be back in November for my next fix. Been riding for about a year now (currently have a 08 CBR600RR) and I really got into bikes just for a means of transport for commuting to and from work. But ohhhh ever since I got my CBR it's so much more than that now. I'm an telecoms engineer / project manager so love the technology and science which goes into sports bikes, the physics behind what makes you
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