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  1. Greg

    16 Rr Race Prep

    Re exhuast: I want to say I've heard of people removing all of the servo stuff... not worth the hassle? No PC. (thank you!) got it. The bike is totally loaded- DDC, wheels, etc etc... I haven't much messed with the different ABS/TC settings. I've skimmed the manual, but haven't mastered what all those settings are. I see it goes from -7 to 7 but no clue where to start. I suppose zero is a good middle ground ;-) Thanks Dylan too. You may have missed who this is... lol It has been a long time after all. Would it be okay to pick your brain a bit via email?
  2. Greg

    16 Rr Race Prep

    So I've done a little searching but can't quite find the answers I was hoping to. Recent new owner of '16 RR. Looking to prep it this off season. Most of the bolt ons no problem, my questions come in about electronics, which now includes suspension. Unfortunately, I know no one who races one of these, so if there isn't anyone here who can answer, any pointing in the right direction (towards an RR guru) would be enormously appreciated. Some say throw a spring in the fork and go race it. Other say stick with the expensive stuff. (ohlins cartridges, etc) Then what happens to the electronics...? How to disable.. I've heard of people sending ECU's to Germany (where?) to be flashed. Is it THAT beneficial? Is there no one here stateside that does the same service? Are aftermarket electronics (i.e. power commander) obsolete on this bike, or still needed? Who has know how on removing unnecessary electronic bits correctly? exhaust, etc ABS is staying, but I'm sure there's a way to disable it I just haven't figured out how to yet because I don't have a need to get rid of it. It's serving street duty during break in. For all intents and purposes, reply as if it's a full on super bike. I will likely NOT be going into the motor, but rather will just look to maximize the stock power plant with add ons and electronics and tuning. Again, thanks for any solid input, or advice on where else to look. I've been on the RR forum but haven't searched extensively. But what I did find didn't have what I wanted. Best, Greg
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