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  1. The Sardine Factory just off Canary Row is an amazing restaurant but a little pricey. If you get there before 6 you can ask for the locals discount which is a set menu but the value is amazing and they never ask for and proof of being local. If you're looking for a good burger, there is a Hawaiian burger joint on Lighthouse called Hulu's Burgers... Another great place to go is the Canary Row Brewing Company.. they have tons of beers on tap and an amazing selection of bottled beers too and their food is pretty good. If you want a good authentic mexican, that is cheap and quick, check out Papa Chanos -Brian
  2. Jake, 1) in reference to wearing school leathers: what all does everyone wear underneath? I have some underarmor-type upper long sleeve shirts, but I'm not sure what I'll bring for the lower. I don't own any superhero tights.. I wore my own leathers, but I wore under armor pants and shirt and another layer of cotton long underwear... (it was really damn cold... 33F in the morning, the guys had to scrape ice off the ramp to get the bikes down) 2) does the school provide a secure area for our stuff while we're on track? cameras, excess clothing, etc. Like stated above, there wasn't anywhere to secure your stuff but in your car, but I felt totally confident leaving my keys, wallet and phone in a gym bag is the classroom area. The guys you are riding with just spent $2250 to ride for two days... not likely they're going to be the stealing type... just my 2 cents... 3) I saw mention that the school uses video recording of ourselves on the bikes. What happens to the footage? Is it being given to us, or is it overwritten as soon as we've looked it over? If it's not given to us, is there a chance we can copy it to our own memory hardware before it is deleted? What's the format being used? As stated above, they give you the CD that you can then take home and post on the internet if you want... :-) I did... I've probably watched them 20 times each... critiquing myself... Which camp are you going to? Laguna? If so I can give you some good food recommendations in the Monterey area... Have fun at camp -Brian
  3. So what exactly is the rain check policy. I know that riding in the rain is a fact of life, but we are spending thousands of dollars for this school. Also, can a CSS instructor confirm or deny that the school has rain gear to wear over our leathers? If not I only have one day to try and acquire some as I do not normally ride in the rain. Thank you
  4. For those of you coming to Streets of Willow this week / weekend, especially if you are from out of state, this is just a reminder to check the weather. It is often in the 30s at night in the desert, even when it is expected to be in the 60s or 70s mid-day. It can be chilly going through the check-in process and sitting through your first classroom session if you don't have some warm layers or a jacket. Usually by the time you are on the bike it is nice, but it can be frosty at 7am! Yeah, I just checked the weather. 40% chance of rain on Friday... :-( and chilly. I then became pretty worried about being cold and wet. I'm wearing my own leathers which are perforated.. I just called the office to ask if they had rain gear for students and the nice lady in the office said they did, so I'm hoping that is accurate. I did book a hotel room, so at least I'll get a hot shower at night. For the first classroom session, are we sitting there in our gear already, or do we change after our first classroom session? Thanks -Brian
  5. Does the school always have a photographer at the track?
  6. Clear now? CF Yeah, I'm good Cobie...
  7. I have a gear question... I'm planning on wear all of my own gear at the 2-day camp later this month. I'm pretty sure that my suit, boots and helmet are up to snuff, but I'm concerned about my gloves. They're only a couple months old, but they are in pretty good condition(broke in nicely). They are Alpinestars SP-2. Are these good enough? I do want to get some new gloves with a little more protection, but I'm afraid I've waited to long to get them and break them in by 24 March, I'm also not to keen on using the school gloves, but if I have to. Thanks -Brian
  8. You are correct, and you will learn and experience all of this at the camp! BEst, The wheel doesn't remain turned in the opposite direction of the turn, once you release pressure off the bars the wheel tracks back into the direction of the turn. You counter steer every turn weather you think you do or not. Oops.... I misread this: "the wheel remains turned the opposite direction of the turn??????" I'm actually sitting here laughing out loud at myself, and slightly embarrassed. If the wheel did stay in the opposite direction you would steer the thing into the ground. Thanks for all the replies guys... I understand countersteering to get the bike to tip over and turn, but I guess I was unclear about what exactly happened when you released pressure on the bars...
  9. 24 days till my first CSS 2-day camp and I'm pretty damn excited..!!! I have the passion and I hope that your instructors can help me get the skills to go with it. Thanks -Brian
  10. Can one of the CSS instructors comment on this.... this is from my "home forum".. and based on what I've read in Twist 1 and 2.. I tend to agree with the first and third poster... 1st poster "That's pretty crazy. Also interesting to note that because of the low speed, he is actually steering into the corners (as opposed to counter-steering). I would definitely like to see him try that on a STR... Scott" 2nd poster "Just on a side note, motorbikes go around corners by steering into them at all speeds. Fast or slow. What a counter-steer does is get the bike to lean in a certain direction, after which the bars self-correct and turn into the corner. We don't continue counter steering once the bike is leaned over, well, not unless we want to lean over even more than we are, in which case we give a counter-push, but then stop pushing once we're happy with our lean angle. The larger the turning radius, the less the bars needs to turn in, and so the less noticable it is. This is why at higher speeds people don't notice that the wheel is actually turning into the corner. You can get away without counter-steering at lower speeds, because body weight shift coupled with the resistance and stiffness of the tyres, is usually sufficient to get the bike to lean to one side or the other. You can still counter-steer to lean at lower speeds too if you want, it's just that it's such a strong effect that it's harder to control than merely weight shifting." 3rd poster "umm...I'm with you on it creates lean angle, but on the freeway if I push my right hand forward my bike goes right. The more I push the harder it goes right and I can counter the lean angle by adjusting my weight off the bike to the right. If you push forward with your left hand I don't care how much you weigh I don't think you'll be able to offset the steering to go right lol." 2nd poster again "Once the bike is leaned over, you don't have to keep on pushing to keep on turning. If you do, something is wrong with your bike's geometry. " So to summarize... I am under the impression that to initiate the turn, you countersteer, and then once the lean angle is set, pressure is released from the inside bar, the wheel remains turned the opposite direction of the turn?????? Thanks Brian
  11. Who else is going to the 2-day camp at Streets of Willow on 24/25 March? Who is planning on camping? Who has camped there before? What is the camping situation there? Is there anywhere to shower? Thanks -Brian
  12. So, I just read Twist 1 and Twist 2 back to back... I think I'll wait until after I do the 2-day camp to read SS. There was more than enough to try and absorb from Twist 1 and 2... but I wonder what else could be written that isn't in those 2. -Brian
  13. So I'm signed up for a 2-Day camp in March at the streets and it's "free" to use the school bike with the 2-day camp, but could I ride my own bike if I wanted to? I guess I'm thinking that maybe towards the end of the the 2-day camp that I'd like to be able to take my D675 around the track to see how it feels and see if I can apply what I've learned to my own bike while having the CSS coaches there. Thanks -Brian
  14. Thanks Cobie... Just got the approval tonight... Registering RIGHT NOW!!! So excited... to bad it's over 3 months away... -Brian
  15. Brian, Yeah, that's it for the spring. We should get some fall days. The reason we got 4 days in September was someone couldn't take those days, they offered them to us and we were able to take them in our schedule. You won't be unhappy with Streets, promise. It takes me 4.5 hours from Monterey to my house. Streets is even close, I'd think 4 hours would be realistic. One nice thing about Streets is the weather, closest thing to a guarnantee we have. Sometimes a bit breezy, but more nice spring and fall dates there than any where else we have gone. Also, great skid pad. Let us know if you can make one of those days. Best, Cobie Cobie, Thanks for the info. I am planning on the 2 day camp in March, the 24th/25th. I will be registering for it as soon as I get approval from the head of house.. Hopefully the fall Laguna Seca Dates will line up with my schedule. -Brian
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