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  1. Hi Hotfoot, how are you doing?

    It's been a while (Easter weekend) at the Streets, getting my BMW 1000rr tomorrow :) I'll be in touch for some questions (I'm sure about that). Hope you are doing well and having fun. Talk soon, Klaus

  2. Hi Hotfoot, nice pic.

    I'll make sure I say hi - this weekend. See you on the track.


  3. Hi Bullet, Just read what happened to Andy. Prayers to both Andy and his family for a speedy recovery and continuous improvement. Please keep us posted as Andy continues his recovery. Blessings, KawaKlaus
  4. Hi Cobie and all fellow riders, Getting just a bit excited about the upcoming weekend at the Streets. Wanted to see, who is coming to do the various levels? As for myself, I am ready for Level 1 on Saturday and Level 2 on Sunday. Just hope I don't run the easter bunny off the track. See you very soon. Cheers, KawaKlaus
  5. Hi there Will and fellow riders, Wanted to get everyone's input on the following topic: What type of Motorcycle do you buy? Do you buy new? Or do you buy used? And, if you are buying used, what should we be on the lookout for? What are the usual gotchas? I'm trying the weigh out the Pros and Cons of buying a used Sportbike (Liter bike) and hope that Will and all fellow riders add their comments and advise. I also added a little poll as a little bonus. Will, you might remember me from Laguna Seca (we met there at Thanksgiving 2010) Thanks in advance. Ride safe. Klaus
  6. Hi mal1ce, +1 on your post. Yep, always wear full leathers when riding, got a dainese back protector for the back of the jacket, Aplinestar SP-2 gloves and boots. Kuddos to you. Way better protection than a t-shirt or jeans with tennis shoes. Ouch.... But, to each their own. How many miles do you put on your bike each week? Next Saturday I will try both Sidi and Alpinestar boots. I'll post my feedback here. Ride Safe! Klaus
  7. Hi Hotfoot, Cycle Gear in my area have Dainese suits and jackets, have not seen any boots from them - only online. Like the idea of adding gel liners in the boots. Which Alpinestar boots do you have? Next Saturday will find out which boots work for me in terms of fit, protection and price. If they have Dainese I'll try them too. Ride Safe! Klaus
  8. Hi Klaus, I'm not really such a bonehard guy, just used to the cold, only seem catch colds when I stop riding in Winter, sounds odd but it's sort of like taking cold showers. Check this out http://www.abload.de...mg_6534wuj1.jpg Colors of Fireblade? How much time do you have ? Seriously, there's so many colors and combinations out there, I never found one that stuck out. If you want to get a Blade, get one with ABS. Maybe next year there'll be a Blade with traction control, I'm not a big fan of TC though, think it does more bad than good for the average driver. It took me some time to be able to dose the throttle and get a feel for traction limits, something I probably never would have learned with a TC bike. Cheers Uli Hi Uli, Makes sense - you don't catch colds while riding - but when people are inside the taverns and Gasthauses then the cold virus can spread As far as the colors of the Fireblade, I have some time.... LOL. Was just curious which color patterns you see "most" often in Germany. I like to HRC color pattern, like the colors in Bavaria . To ABS or not ABS? Yes, that comes down to preference. It adds another 1000 Dollars to the Fireblade, and would come in handy when riding in wet and foggy weather. Also makes the bike heavier. Also depends on if I can get a great deal on a new one or settle for a used one . Is the weather warming up in your neck of the woods. Is Spring in the air? (Spürt man den Frühling schon?) Ride Safe, Klaus
  9. Hi Gorecki, I too like the Vertigo and the new ST. Found a store in my area that actually carries them, as well as the Alpinestars. Will keep everyone posted as to the differences in fit, protection and comfort after trying on both brands. As far as the ST cam lock adjustment goes, it can be adjusted (by moving the black piece that attaches to the camlock - it has groves). Hope this helps. Ride Safe, Klaus
  10. Hi Ronen, Welcome to the forum. What a great testimony of what makes the California Superbike School the right choice. Waiting patiently myself to attend Level 1 and 2 in April at Willow Springs, I can not only appreciate your feedback but also understand the motivation behind your decision. As for your field of study(I'm in the field of Business) I can happily remember my Astronomy class, which was quite fascinating at the time. I recall watching a video that was going back to the big bang (sort of a time lapse). Mindboggling when you try to wrapyour mind around the vast expanse of the universe. Ahem, I digress.. I am sure you could teach me everything about the universe from A to Z. Maybe one day, if we meet at a CSSevent. I think it shows that no matter your background, current professional career/field, the family of Motorcycle riders is as diverse and fascinating as our galaxy. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope I soon will be returning the favor. Best of luck on the completion of your studies and I hope you and your fiance will get to see U2 in concert. (Maybe a great wedding gift suggestion) Ride Safe, Klaus
  11. I wanted to add some additional comments on my Alpinestars... My leathers fit inside no problem, and without creating any uncomfortable pressure points. I have the vented version, and they provide decent airflow. I've only worn mine in moderate weather, so I can't say for sure how good the air is in more extreme temps. For mid-70s I think they are great. As to the "Chinese lock-box," you have a good point about the multiple steps appearing overly complex, but once you've gone through the on/off drill once or twice it becomes mindless routine. There's no doubt the Sidi is simpler. Hi Brad, Good points on the A* side. I will find a store and put both A* and Sidi to the test (see which one I'll like the best). I'll agree, it appears that Sidi boots are simpler to put on/take off, but then again, on the A* you get used to it after a few times. Thanks for your insight. I really appreciate it. Ride Safe, Klaus
  12. I haven't had any issue catching the boot on the bike. Occasionally I'll notice the heelcup bump the footpeg when I'm taking of from a stop (usually when I've been wearing the other pair without a heelcup for a while) but it's nothing I would consider an issue. I usually wear an 11 but since the Sidis come in European sizes I had to go with a 46 translates to a 11.5 and it feels like an 11.5 (which was no big deal as I have a very wide foot for my size and I added a decent arch supporting inner sole). So yes I think they run true to size. My Vertigos are over 3 years old and my Fusions are right at a year (BTW I don't recommend these unless price point is a major concern, the Vertigos are worth the extra coin). The new ST's look like they are filling the gap between the $300 Vertigos and the $500 Vortices. My advice is buy the best ones you can afford and that fit your purpose, i.e. from what I've heard the Vortices are not really good for street riding because they are very restrictive to protect you as much as possible (anyone with direct experience please let me know if I'm mistaken) but for street riding this can be a bit much. Like so many things, it's all about finding the sweet spot. Best, Carey Carey, Thanks for taking the time to shed some more light on the boots. Looks like it will be between the Vertigo and the ST on the Sidi side. On the A* side, I'll have to try them on and compare what feels/fits great and works for the riding I do (offering the best protection possible). I will find the sweet spot - for sure Cheers, Klaus
  13. Klaus, I can't speak to the weather conditions at Willow in April but for what it's worth I have been using an undersuit from Psycle Skins. It's made of a moisture wicking fabric like Underarmor but it's a one piece. I found it helps in cold or hot weather (and it makes peeling off the leathers much easier). Best, Carey Hi Carey, Thanks for the tip. Temperatures will be in the mid to high 70's, with temps in the 60's in the morning at Willow Springs in April (looked it up on Weather.com) Sounds like a great investment to have a Psycle Skin undersuit. Is there a difference between the Psycle Skin and the one from Alpinestar? They look almost identical. Certainly helps with getting the leathers on and off easier. Ride Safe, Klaus
  14. Hi Matt, Thank you for your input. The Vertigo is one nice boot, the air version for sure is nice in very hot riding conditions. Have you seen the new ST? It is one sweet looking boot. I will go and find a store which has both A* and Sidi boots, so I can try them on and compare fit. I'll let you know my feedback. You are right about the fact that once one looks at the higher end models ($350 and up) you get what you pay for - at least I really hope so. 1800 miles in those boots is not bad at all. Do you do mostly street riding and some track days? Ride Safe, Klaus
  15. Hi Klaus, the only thing that ever needed to be fixed was a simmerring at the front fork. Didn't cost me anything though, warranty. I suspect it cracked because of the cold, there's a small step at my driveway and no time for the fork to warm up , maybe that's what caused it (I drive around in any type of weather except for snow of course, it's kinda funny sometimes in Winter, people look at me driving by with the Fireblade like I'm crazy or something, but I don't care) . And the grip heaters just gave in, but they're not original Honda (to tell you the truth I have no idea what brand they are) . I saw in your profile you had a Fireblade too once, what was it, a SC57? What happend to it? Why switch to a 650? Sorry if I come across as nosy, the "CBR 1000rr" in your profile made me curious. Goasmas, is that a beer (gotta be a beer) ? Never heard of it. I don't know, my beer drinking days kinda stopped with my 40th birthday Cheers Uli Hi Uli, That's pretty good to only have that issue with the fork seal/ring. Looks like you are a true "road warrior," beinhart (bone hard) na ja, I like it. As far as the fireblade in my profile, that is my foreshadowing of my next bike - this summer I will sell my 650r and get a 2009 Fireblade. The only thing I'm still pondering is the color. Love the Repsol, also like the idea of a white Repsol, or a Black one with custom graphics. Which is the most popular color scheme in Germany (meaning which one do you see most often)? Ah, Goasmas, I saw that in Bavaria, the beer drinking capital of the world. It is a one liter glass or stone mug holding 1/2l coke, 1/2l beer and a shot of your preferred liquor. I saw people drink 4 or 5 of those in one night. WOW. Like you said, I enjoy a glass of wine or beer - here and there, but when I'm on the bike - I have a zero tolerance for Alcohol. An agreement I made with my wife. Cheers, Klaus
  16. Hi Klaus, dealer. I have no idea what oil they put in there, think it's synthetic alright. I only do things like tightening the chain, checking oil etc., .I prefer driving Do you do maintenance yourself? Hi Uli, I'll do the same type of maintenance you do - plus I change my oil. All other tasks - yup - to the dealer. You said you have a 2009, what was the biggest repair/replace bill thus far? Prost/Cheers, Klaus Do you drink a "Goasmas?"
  17. Hi Cobie, How was your vacation? Hope you tanked up on sleep . Is the boot a Supertech R or an Alpinestars S-MX Plus? So, do CSS students get Alpinestar gear discounts? How's that for a politically correct question? Getting closer to Willow Springs in April. Looking forward to it. A related question: Do you recommend a full undersuit under the leather suit or is that too hot in April at Willow Spring? Should I test the AGV suit from CSS or bring my own? Thanks as always Cobie. Ride Safe, Klaus
  18. I have actually had the boots for about 3 years and covered maybe 2500 miles with them. I changed my riding style to after CSS level 3 last year. This allowed me to go faster and hang off in a better position. Trouble is though this change coincided with the damage suddenly occuring. So they went from fine to undamaged in like 120 miles. As I said, I was definately weighting the inside footpeg too much as a result of my new found position / speed and need to lock on with my outside leg, hence the stomp pads! But I would still say that it's a design flaw. Digging around the internet shows that other people found similar issues and Sidi have acknowledged it as a problem. As my boots are 3 years old, they may have changed the design since? If I could be confident that the flaw has been corrected, I would buy a new pair.....but it's an expensive gamble. I will email sidi uk and see what they say. WOW, so after attending Level 3 CSS the boots caved in. Imagine what happens to your gear after attending Level 4 CSS?.. So, what are you leaning toward now (no punt intended) in terms of boots? Curious to hear what Sidi UK will have to say? Ride Safe, Klaus
  19. yeah, you too And Jason, sorry to hear what happend to you , best wishes from me too (kinda late I know, hadn't followed the thread for a while) Uli Hi Uli, Quick question: As far as great motorcyle boots are concerned, which do your recommend/use? I am looking at both Alpinestars Supertech R Boots and Sidi boots (Vertigo or the ST). Any thoughts/input/feedback on either? Thank you in advance. Ride Safe, Klaus Hi Klaus, now this is going to end up embarrassing for me since I've been driving around with some noname-boots from a motorcycle discounter (louis.de) for 2 years now. Honestly, I have no idea... sorry Cheers Uli Hi Uli, No worries. Did not want to put you on the spot. Do you do your own maintenance or do you take the bike to the dealer for that? Are you running full synthetic oil? Cheers, Klaus
  20. Hi slobdog, Yikes. If this happened to your boots in one day of track, then I would have a chat with the Sidi/their rep/customer service department. Are those new boots? How long have you had them? You can see what looks like a giant sinkhole in the middle of your sole, besides the big lump inside the boot. So, if Sidi are not up to par, which brand/boot is in the top three in 2010/2011? Keep me posted on what happens with the dialog between you and the manufacturer. Ride Safe, Klaus
  21. Hi warregl, Thank you for your input. Are there any issues with the inside (the side facing the bike) of the boot? Meaning, do you ever get caught on a piece of the boot? What about the heel protector? Does it ever get caught in the footpeg or surrounding area? Are they true to size or did you have to add inserts/arch support? How long have you had the Vertigo's? The new ST's look really nice. Any thoughts on those? And you are correct, when I am heading to the mall I'm usually taking the car and wear my Nike's. Ride Safe, Klaus
  22. That's what I have, Klaus. They're the only boots I've had, so can't compare - but I LOVE 'em! Comfy ALL day and air flow is pretty good. In the summer whilst little canyon rides, I'll kinda duck-foot-it to get a quick cooling off...feels nice I cannot remember which A* my friend has, but as for the Vertigo, it's an absolute snap to get them on; his A* seems like a maze or Chinese lock-box. Hi dmj120, Yes, the Vertigo looks great. Have you seen the review on the new Sidi ST's ? They are looking pretty sweet. Exterior ankle protection and the clamps (one on each side on the very top of the boot). Do you have a normal width foot or do you find them a bit on the narrow side? Any issues (craftsmanship, durability, etc)? Any problems with your leathers going inside the boot? Airflow on hot days is important. Where I live it never gets above mid 70's, so I can go either way (perforation vs. just airvent). You hit it right on on the A* Supertech R's, it looks like its a Chinese lock-box to get in and out, quicklace - pull string - fasten string with velcro - now zip- fasten outside snap - did we forget anything in the maze? LOL Ride Safe, Klaus
  23. Hi Brad, Thanks for the input. Yes, I have seen the Alpinstars Supertech R's (not in person - watched the review) and they look very well made, especially with the inner boot. I'll have to add that I will not be using these boots to walk for miles on end, I use mine to ride and walk only short distances (no mall walking ). As for Sidi, I am looking at the Vertigo and the new ST, so any input/thoughts are appreciated. Keep them coming. Ride Safe, Klaus
  24. I have been pondering, researching one of all Motorcycle riders favorite topic - boots And what better place than where all experts come together, both from the instructor and student side. So, if you were in the market to buy a pair of new boots today, which boots would you get and why? I have been comparing Alpinestar models as well as Sidi. Would love to get this thread going and buzzing with input from all. What works? What lasts? Price/benefits What is really good? What should one avoid? As for use, mostly street riding with a few track days/year is about right on for me. Boots will be used with either a 1 or 2 piece leather. So let's see what everyone's favorite boots are and why? Ride Safe. Klaus
  25. yeah, you too And Jason, sorry to hear what happend to you , best wishes from me too (kinda late I know, hadn't followed the thread for a while) Uli Hi Uli, Quick question: As far as great motorcyle boots are concerned, which do your recommend/use? I am looking at both Alpinestars Supertech R Boots and Sidi boots (Vertigo or the ST). Any thoughts/input/feedback on either? Thank you in advance. Ride Safe, Klaus
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