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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. I've got the document that was provided by CSS on setting suspension prior to bringing your own bike to class. I was planning to follow those recommendations however, if you have something better, please send it my way. I've only ridden at VIR and expect to return there when winter ends. THANKS!
  3. Thanks Pete! I've ordered the tank grips and engine covers from the vendors listed on the CSS site. I weigh 167 lbs. Do you think the stock suspension settings be closer to correct for me? I have made no changes but probably need to do so.
  4. I got the S1000RR with the factory shift assist; is this what you refer to as quick shift above? I'd appreciate more info about "eating gearboxes".
  5. Hi Kai, Thanks for the lead on contacting Will. I plan to ride this bike on the street but would like to rig it for the track for use at track days. I've joined NESBA and they have a pretty good list of what is required to be done. One thing I wonder about is safety wiring the oil drain plug. On the BMW, the plug is flush mounted (concave hex) so not sure exactly how to make this track ready. I figure the CSS guys are very familiar with the S1000RR and can list their parts and suppliers.
  6. just returned from China.

  7. I've also ridden motocross for many years before heading for the tarmac. I agree with Fajita Dave (what's the story behind that name, BTW?) about dirt riding helping you learn to control the bike (or at least not freak out) as you reach the traction limits. I'll also add that the biggest problem I had at CSS was pushing the bike down. There is no doubt in my mind that this bad behavior comes from too many years in the dirt. Off road riding requires you to move around a lot on the seat whereas track riding keeps you planted in the seat (for the most part). So, two different styles of riding with some common elements between. My advice is to learn the right moves for each type of riding and keep them separate in your mind. In that way, you'll be less likely to transfer any bad techniques (between the two).
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and CSS. I attended two days at VIR back in August and had a blast. Can't wait to get back next year for level III and IV! Been riding for about 22 years but have been off the bikes for the last 5 years (marriage, kids, job; those in the know understand!). Got started again this year to teach my two boys how to ride (my daughter surprisingly is not interested). Purchased a couple of dirt bikes for them and then one for myself (of course!). Also decided to buy a S1000RR to get back into street riding. DIdn't take long to realize the bike was capable of a lot more than I was so made the decision to go to CSS. Currently I'm rigging the BMW for track days. Have added frame sliders and Dunlop Q2's. Would appreciate advice on other equipment recomendations. Thanks for giving me a chance to say, "Hello!".
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