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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to decide whether or not to bother packing my leathers and helmet on the plane when I come over for the camps in April. I understand that gear rental is included in the camps, so that's not the issue, I'm wondering what people recommend when you have the choice of your own or the school's gear? Has anyone ever had a problem with fit or, be honest, is it like climbing into a giant caesar salad as so many other people have sweated and . . . experienced fear . . . in the CSS gear? Thanks! Simon. (and *cough* I'm not as prissy as I may sound)
  2. So that the bike can "sort itself out" (thanks to the steering geometry, caster angle I think - the same way a car steering wheels self centre when travelling forwards) allowing the front wheel to turn so that it is steering conventionally. I guess keeping pressure on the bars would prevent it from doing this.
  3. I've only done a couple of track days on a bike so I'm prepared to be shot down here but I think so. The routine of accelerating to a braking point, braking, turning in, trying for the apex and picking a point to start accelerating out that I was used to in the car seemed to work on my first track days on the bike but I think knowing roughly where you're meant to be on the track is pretty much the only transferable skill from car racing! I didn't try trail braking on the bike or anything else more advanced that I would in the car because there was so much new stuff to learn even keeping it simple by braking only in a straight line. For example I'm not used to sliding forward in the seat under braking because I wasn't nipping the tank hard enough between my knees or how little steering control you have under braking because I was holding myself up by locking my arms straight. You don't need to think about this in cars I also wondered how on earth you work out for yourself what you're doing wrong to start to improve. For example on my first few laps on the bike I would try for the apex on the inside kerb, miss it by miles and I couldn't understand why. It was interesting to me that through the whole track day I didn't hear any bike tyres screeching, any I did hear screeching were in mid-crash! On car days you do and you can feel (or hear) that you are asking your tyres for too much as you understeer away from the inside kerb. An instructor "found" me on that track day on the bike, gestured for me to follow him and it did make a huge difference. On that particular day my lines were vastly improved by not trying so hard. Slower in meant that I hit the apex and didn't run out of track on the exit but I don't think I would ever have diagnosed that myself without the input from him. Cheers, Simon.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm Simon from Scotland, a friend of Neil McKean's, also new here and booked in for the Laguna Seca and Vegas camps in April next year. I've been into car track driving for a few years now and to be honest biking never caught my interest until Neil took me out on the back of his bike in the summer last year and that could never be undone. 6 weeks later I'd passed the UK tests and got myself a CBR600F4i. A little while later I was introduced to Twist of the Wrist and CSS and before long Neil managed to convince me to do my first bike track days at Rockingham and Anglesey in October this year. The first went well and I learned a lot but on the second day at Anglesey I got a fright, panic grabbed the front brake in a turn and fell off. Nothing like an accident to show you you need some training! Can't wait for April (not March)! Cheers, Simon.
  5. Hi Cobie, thanks for the welcome. Will you be one of the instructors at the camps? Simon
  6. Neil, I booked us both through Pebbles who did say we are successfully booked on the phone. My card hasn't been charged yet though so I've dropped her a quick line to make sure everything's ok. I expect we're worrying over nothing though Simon.
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