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  1. My affection for powered two-wheelers started in my toddler years. Our sole form of family transport in Argentina was my pop's Lambretta scoot. We rode FOUR up!! Papa doing the steering, mama on pillion holding baby bro, and your humble narrator standing on the floorboards holding on to the front shield. Next time on a bike was in the mid-70s when a buddy of mine and I would borrow his brother's CB750 and HIS roomate's CB550. Similar rule applied in my house when growing up...no bike as long as I lived at home. I rented my first apartment two weeks before graduating university, bought my RD400 the day after.
  2. Nah, I was wearing my "The Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads" t-shirt =) Keith was at the BMW pavilion at the Long Beach Motorcycle show last night. I showed him a photo of the certificate and he remembered the bounced check! I'm saving up my pennies to attend a class next year...I'm guessing things have changed a bit since my last time...
  3. I also bought my first leathers, Dainese Barry Sheene replica, from Keith. I seem to recall the check bounced...
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