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  1. Don't really need a NO-BS-Bike to proof the point. Had to buy some catlitter last week, car was not available, cat got impatient, so I took my fireblade to get some... anyway.. I put this big bag on the tank, it turned out that I could only just about reach the handlebars, so on my way home I could only countersteer by conciously leaning forward pushing one handlebar at a time, just by shifting my weight the bike kept going almost straight ahead, at least I would have never made it around any corners, even in slow traffic.
  2. Thank you rchase, I was already doubting my mind about this ... I'm always early on the gas and it's kinda funny sometimes to see someone in the rearview following you into a corner needing much more leanangle, (even scratching footpegs sometimes!) just because he waits for the apex with the rollon... so it's not the Fireblade, it's Keith Code's techniques that make the difference LOL Uli
  3. My impression is that the radius of a turn tightens (decreases) when I roll on the throttle, of course the increased speed in the end widens the turn, but when rolling on the rear wheel creates a force outside (by pushing forward), because in the radius of the turn the rear wheel is outside, the front wheel is more inside ... not talking about sliding here, just a normal rollon ... or am I totally wrong here ?
  4. Marquez riding shotgun for Lorenzo... yes, that was the dark side of the moon alright
  5. I heard Marques say that in an interview too , so the info is valid IMHO
  6. Depends on what I concentrate on, when I use the 2 step my body movements are pretty much the same in any given corner, when I play around with how hard I brake (or how hard I push the handlebar, steering impuls) I start losing coordination for a while until I have things automized again. Meditation helps too, my coordination is way better after having quieted my mind. If you're not into meditating, just pull over for 10 or so minutes, you'll notice the difference.
  7. Imagine : you're in a right turn (blind corner) and an oncoming car cuts the corner, driving right at you.... it's too late for a hook turn, even a sudden roll off would be fatal in that kind of situation, all you can do is keep your nerves, not chop the throttle and give a very hard steering impuls... but what's someone who has been conditioned by a cornering-ABS going to do in that kind of situation?
  8. I think it's important for drivers to learn how to control a motorcycle and not to take the responsibility away from them, ABS itself is a good thing because it's defensive, but cornering ABS can give a false sense of security going into blind corners.
  9. I rather concentrate on my driving, listening to music would use up too much of my "10 dollars"...
  10. And at that moment.... are you actually accelerating ?
  11. IMHO trailbraking is good only for passing other drivers or defending the inside line, , but the fastest way to go through a corner is to quickflip and be on the gas early (CSS-style)
  12. Not sure who you're asking, in my case the answer would be no, no headshake at all.
  13. Maybe I didn't use the word "drag" correctly, what I meant is that I don't roll off the gas completely in order to AVOID both engine braking and load alteration ........ .. sorry about my english.
  14. Being a streetrider I think TC would spoil me in the long run, but still I'm curious to find out how hard I can actually roll on the gas in the wet and in cold weather without risking a crash... so I would like to have one but I want to be able to turn it off.... I want to learn, but not the hard way.
  15. I keep the throttle flat because I want to be able to catch the front in case I flip the bike too quickly ....when I'm completey off the gas there's this little gap (motor and chain-related) ... never really seen anything wrong with it (well, at least until maybe 2 minutes ago ;-) ) ... Like to hear more! Uli edit: just went for a little testride, what I do is I actually (unknowingly) roll back the throttle a tiny little bit before the steering impuls so that there is still some drag on the chain but no acceleration. (is "drag" the right word? not sure) so that as soon as I reach my lean angle I can roll on the gas smoothly ...
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