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  2. I was one. Give me advice and I'll improve. For some, this does work and they continue to improve, until the advice well runs dry. Do you ever wonder what credentials the person giving you the advice has?? Are they creditable because they are faster? Are they creditable because their leathers are clean? Are they creditable because they are older? Are they creditable because their bikes don't have a pavement induced paint scheme? Like most, I had a few years of riding experience and figured "track days" were for really good riders. Kept doing my thing, having fun and wondering what else was out there, could I get better? No matter how much "better" I could get, never would I be good enough for a "tack day" Fast-forward to May 2010 - CSS Two Day Camp @ VIR "why did I wait so long?!" It was a WONDERFUL experience. The worst part, it didn't start soon enough and stopped too early. Seriously, my anticipation level was high and the professional albeit laid back style of all the CSS Staff was OUTSTANDING. Guess you could say they know what they are doing and have been down the track once or twice. Listen - practice - LISTEN - practice - LISTEN "understand" practice and magic will happen - you will get better. We might want to go faster and get better right now however, the CSS system; classroom, track and de-brief is a very sound application and works wonders. Remember the drills as you progess thru the day. When you improve on one drill and move to the next, you will be suprised at what is happening before you know it. Get out of the parking lot and onto the paddock, leathers up and go. Before you go - do what you are doing - educate yourself from books and DVDs - that advice is worth the price. When you get there, become a sponge - soak it all up. Before you know it, you could be out there giving better advice than you've received. Enjoy
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