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  1. kk been a while guys but I am back for me shockingly Yamaha rz500
  2. Well i had a bouncing baby boy on December the 10th is so handsome Christmas came early!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hey nice to hear from a fellow trini.I am in T&T still not leaving.I may know you as well and well anytime your back home hit me up we will go take a ride. I am supposed to be back in October for a wedding... Only for a week or so though... Already have an offer from a friend to lend me his Ducati 996, seeing that he just bought an 1198SP in the USA... Also have a friend who owns both an 1198S and an 1198R... He also said I can use the S model to ride with him... So I will definitely let you know closer to the time... Excellent keep me posted as time rolls over.
  4. Take the time to enjoy them when they are little. When they are crying and you're changing diapers it seems like an eternity, but they really do grow up before you know it and it's a period you never can get back. The bikes and tracks will always be there when you are ready. to be honest I love and prefer them when they are like that so it wont be an eternity and well I am looking forward to it.I intend to spend every minute I can with them.However I don't want my potential to be lost for racing as i slip in age so I will have to find the mid point when the time is right I guess.Plus i would like to have the next Valentino Rossi or Casey Stoner.If its a girl well still next top gp star.
  5. Hey nice to hear from a fellow trini.I am in T&T still not leaving.I may know you as well and well anytime your back home hit me up we will go take a ride.
  6. Hey thanks its the choice that real men have to make in the real world.I will try my best to facilitate all in the necessary piority.
  7. Well seems like I am not making it this year to start again.Thats be bad news .The good news I am expecting my 1st little one so yeah. The cash isn't the problem persea it's the time.I don't want to miss out on anything or be away and somthing happens.So I will sit this year out and hopefully God spare life I will be up there with you guys on the track.I just sold my race replica suit boy couldn't wait to hae a few pics on the bmw with it but thats how it is.
  8. Ok thanks guys though may have to forget a few things as I am coming from abroad.Is it advisable to have a hydration pack in the aero hump of my race suit?
  9. Thanks guys so 1 piece it is a-stars race replica is what I am buying as was said it will offer a lot more protection.
  10. Hey everyone attending css what is necessary if I wish to attend css 2day camp.I have read up css website but you know there are somethings that only someone who has been there can suggest or even one of the coaches that may slip the mind in haste.So a quick checklist is what I am looking for even the things that may be considered insignificant.
  11. Hey guys I am dead set on attending css in June and will be getting all my gear in early I was looking at a alpinestars race replica suit but I don't know if a two piece suit would be better but I believe in protection at its' highest levels so only the best will do.I believe the 1 piece a-stars suit will be better but opinions always matter.Oh before anyone says that a 2 piece suit can be used for the streets etc I have 6 leather jackets with 3pants to match them so kinda not leaning toward the 2 piece suits but opinions still opened. Ride Hard Ride Safe Best regards Chris aka Silver Bullet
  12. Hey I would say knox handroids are the best.I also have the gp tech gloves, which I think you are referring to but much prefer the feel and levels of protection in knox.The knox has these polythene pucks that act as sliders instead of thicker leather which can survive a crash but due to the impact force blow open the stitching,this however changes with the pucks which slide and disperse the energy and slide with out hooking on the asphalt.The feel is better as well as its kangaroo leather which is thinner and lighter than cow hide leather and 50% more abrasive resistant. Unfortunately the down fall for these gloves is that it doesn't have the dtc that the a-stars has,the attachment between pink and second to last finger.I feel the exo skeleton I believe is more protective than the a-stars knuckle protection.Also the a-star has more venting.All in all they are both great but knox for me though i have them both.Watch this video it may help.
  13. Welcome to the forum Chris! Which school are you looking to attend and what kind of riding are you into... street, racing, etc.? Best, Well i was thinking either streets of willow springs the camp or the single day and then stay in cali for until the gp in laguna.I'm in to racing mostly but street as well.
  14. Hey every one I'm new here and have been riding since 17.Greatly anticipating attending css and learning all that I can.I have a mv agusta f4 750 evo3 and currently awaiting my bmw s1000rr which should be here in 5 days or less.Second one in my country so greatly happy to use a bike that css uses so should be comfortable when training.Happy new year to all and best wishes. Regards Chris aka Silver Bullet.
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