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    Not yet but I will in September at VIR
  1. I was thinking about re-jetting the carbs on my 2001 R-1 and was wondering if the stock headers are enough ( I have a Jardine R-1 slip on right now ) and what problems ( if any ) the exup system will cause . If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks
  2. Hey, This "NEW " training tool , at what level will it be avaliable ? I'm taking the class at VIR in September and wonder if it'll be there to try !
  3. http://www.pashnit.com/more/cameramount.htm For anyone interested , I also found this site that has alot of ways to mount camaras to your bike. I opted for the tank mount system and have been pleased so far with the results.
  4. I was wondering how do you guys mount a camara on board the tank for filming ? Where can I get the hardware and whats the best type video camara to use ? Also, what about helmet cams, what type are they and are they any easier to use and where can I get one ? Thanks for any help !
  5. Thanks for the replies, I have been riding since 79 so I'm not new to the sport. Just here in the last year or so has gettin' the knee down been a goal I've just heard or read stories of people draggin' a knee at slow speeds and was just wonderin' what the low limit was. To see the guys on T.V. in hard corners draggin' their knee at what appears to be very slow speed, I was just wantin' to know the way it's done and how slow one can go to achieve it. And as far as a sander goes, I'll leave that as a last resort as you've stated
  6. Thanks Keith, I am SO looking forward to this I could bust I do believe that after this expeirence I'm gonna have to invest in a track bike
  7. I just got done reading that racers use more rear brake than people think they do. I also read that Mick Doohan rigged up a thumb operated rear brake when he hurt his right leg. Why would he have done that if he didn't use the rear brake ? I also read that MOST racers set there rear brake level to a setting where no matter how much pressure they apply it will not lock up for the sole purpose of just allowing them to slow.
  8. I actually use it quite often myself also. I'm a front brake freak, as we all seem to be but I find myself using the rear brake ( outta habit from dirt riding ) I guess , and I don't think it's a bad habit
  9. Hi, I personnally think the 1 piece suit is better for track days and the rental ( $ 65.00 ) ain't bad. I've read and been told that a 2 piece suit will possibly separate if you happen to go down and slide across the track. Just my 2 cents worth , hope this helps !
  10. I'll be attending my first CSS ( level 1) at VIR this September and was wondering what the South Course was like ? I've been to the North Course but I have no idea what the Southern course is like and as this being my first time on a track I was wondering what to expect . Thanks
  11. Yes , I got the bike and the leathers both in my package. I don't own a track bike ......... YET and I didn't think taking my personnal bike out was a good idea I have leathers but they're 2 piece and I've read that a 1 piece is much better in case you happen to go down. The 1 piece suit won't separate like a 2 piece might. John, let me if you do sign on, maybe we could hook up. I live in Christiansburg which is a couple of hours away from VIR and I'll be attending the AMA race there as well. It should be a big weekend for me I think my class is set for Monday so let me know whats up !
  12. 7 to 10 MPH gheeze, and I'm thinking ya need to be around 25 to 30 MPH minimum. Don't ask where I came up with those figures I know I work the parking lot I practice in to death and just can't get it down but I'm still trying
  13. Thanks Kevin and yes I'm hooked big time !!! I can't wait to get there and learn. My girlfriend bought me the Level 1 for christmas and believe me I would have loved to go to the 2 day class but money restrictions come into play :-( But I'll make the best of what I have and enjoy it to the fullest !
  14. To-day, it has to be ValRossi that guy is just amazing and now that hes on the Yamaha that just does it for me. Yesterday, I would have to go with Scott Russell. 5 time daytona 200 winner and he had it all going on. The guy was great !!
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