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  1. Thanks for the welcome and good advice all! I agree, 'When in doubt change them out' is good advice.. so much so I replaced the front tyre this afternoon, keeping the old one for another day and while I had/have no complaints with it for general use its always a great feeling to get out and about with new tyres and I can feel the difference....
  2. Hi one and all, my name is James and I'm from Sydney Australia. Been trying to put together the right combination of bike, gear, time and money to attend a CSS class since mid 2009 - finally I'm a few days away from doing Level 1 and 2 at Eastern Creek this Thu & Fri (Feb 10 & 11). I had my mechanic gve the bike the 'once over' while he was doing some warranty work last week and while he did state he thought it was all good for a day or two at CSS, I am a bit concerned about the tread depth of the front tire. I'm running Pirreli Super Corsa front and rear and the front tire has lit
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