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  1. For single-day sessions they purposefully deprive you of food and water... Seriously though, you get the same VIP treatment on single days as you get at the two-day camps, just less track time... Like being back in the army! Thanks for the quick reply..
  2. I took the 2-day camp and it included breakfast, lunch, drinks. Do the single track days include this also, or do we need to pack all of that? It's not clear to me from what I've read..
  3. FYI, that Wingate hotel has a "Stay 2 Save 20%" offer which made my per night rate lower than if I picked one of the poorer-rated motels closer to the track..
  4. Hey folks, I took levels 1 & 2 at Laguna Seca this year and am looking forward to 3 & 4 at NJMP. Who else is coming out there? I don't know much about the area, but Millville's hotels don't look so hot. I picked the Wyndham Wingate in Vineland instead.. where to eat?
  5. Hee hee, good luck getting any work done today. Since they're threatening to furlough all of us Army guys, I may need luck to get any work done when I come back too!
  6. Brian, Yes I'm going to Laguna Seca, if you have some recommendations for the Monterey area, let me know!
  7. Thanks for your input guys, you've all been very helpful. Whew, I'm less than a week away now! Just one work day to go!
  8. Hello all, A few things I'm wondering: 1) in reference to wearing school leathers: what all does everyone wear underneath? I have some underarmor-type upper long sleeve shirts, but I'm not sure what I'll bring for the lower. I don't own any superhero tights.. 2) does the school provide a secure area for our stuff while we're on track? cameras, excess clothing, etc. 3) I saw mention that the school uses video recording of ourselves on the bikes. What happens to the footage? Is it being given to us, or is it overwritten as soon as we've looked it over? If it's not given to us, is there a chance we can copy it to our own memory hardware before it is deleted? What's the format being used? Thanks!! Jake
  9. I switched to pazzo shorty levers for both clutch and brake. I like it for the simple reason that my last two fingers aren't all that useful for grabbing the lever from 50% to full release. May as well get that material out of the way.
  10. I have owned this since last summer and there are a few things I'd let people know: Microphone quality is poor. You get a lot of clacking and whine on a motorcycle. I've had it set to the minimum sensitivity plus covered the mic area, and still I get a lot of junk noise over my aftermarket exhaust. This is when mounted at the handlebars or upper fork tubes. I wear earplugs because of the exhaust, I'd expect it to be possible to drown out everything but the exhaust, and I haven't managed it. To mount an external mic, you have to leave the rear door of the camera open. There goes the water resistance. Not sure if the memory card or battery could vibrate out. I haven't tried this because the mic port is a funky data style connector and I haven't seen any mics available like that yet. Video quality seems good, though it seems a bit undersaturated in terms of color. The world just sems a little lifeless through this lens. The fish-eye output of the camera absorbs the sensation of speed, so you have to be really whipping along or find a mounting position very low on the bike if you want to capture anything like the sensation of riding. Filesize becomes gigantic pretty rapidly. My dual 3GHz processor with decent RAM doesn't like when you try to skip ahead in the raw footage. Filetype is truly the biggest problem for me. Only producing mp4s as video output has me hamstrung as I try to use Adobe Premiere Pro 2 to work with the footage. The software itself doesn't like it, and I've tried a dozen of freewares that just don't put out good windows-compatible formats from the mp4. I looked at buying full quicktimebut see users complaining that it wouldn't do this job right for them. I don't think i've gotten much value out of the camera so far. I'm maintaining my raw footage on the hard drive in the hopes that later a good solution will present itself. I'd rather have bought a different camera.
  11. Neil and Simon, that's the way to do it! What better way to travel than to have an event like this at its core? I was actually originally planning to do a trip to the Nurburgring (not on moto, I'd definitely bite the dust), but the pathetic US dollar made me look for something closer- Laguna Seca is it. I just opened up a thread that hopefully will attract our classmates, let's get a discussion going over there. Seems it could only add to the camp to "know" some folks when we all arrive. Laguna Seca camp thread here
  12. Hey all, I was hoping maybe we could get a discussion going amongst us Laguna Seca classmates about our upcoming event. I don't know if this will catch on at all or not, but perhaps we could sort out anyone's questions about logistics or local resources. Where's everyone staying? Who's local and who's on travel for this? Best places for dinner? Beer? Anyone interested in an end-of-camp outing for some drinks and stories? (I'm going to dodge the alcohol until after day 2 training is safely completed) So far all I've figured out is that we'll probably stay at the Colton Inn, they seem to have solid reviews and a convenient location. I'll be flying into Monterey the day before class and heading out the day after.. FOOD MENTIONED SO FAR: Monterey Fish House on DelMonte R.G. Burgers on Munras Ave in Monterey Tarpy's on Rt. 68 The Whole Enchilada in Moss' Landing on Highway 1
  13. I didn't get one. Is that only for people who completed a session? I am merely paid up and waiting until April. A magazine sure would help bide the time..
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