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  1. I was told it was so that you can roll on the throttle without moving your forearm. I like to think of it as holding the throttle like a putter instead of a baseball bat.
  2. Hi. I'm new to the forum. Please let me know if I'm not supposed to chime in and give advice. That being said, here is a tip that has helped my body position. I attended level 1 last year. I REALLY liked the Quick Turn exercise. I incorporated it into my day-to-day riding immediately. One thing I quickly noticed though was that as I tipped the bike into the turn my body would frequently end up on the wrong (high) side of the bike. I was too slow getting my body to the inside. To fix that problem I have started very deliberately moving my upper body to the inside as I approach a turn. As I approach a turn, I'm braking, downshifting, sliding my butt over, and moving my head / body to the inside, all while the bike is straight up and down. Then as I tip in I make sure my upper body stays in the same place relative to the bike. It really seems to help me get my upper body in the correct position at the beginning of the turn instead of having to move it to the inside after the bike is leaned over. That concept may be blindingly opbvious to everyone here, but it was an absolute revelation to me. Jim Moore Jax, FL
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