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  1. When you say "timing" would it not be better to use another "rp" to link you to your apex in that sort of turn
  2. Sorry guys having a 9mnth old son who doesn't sleep doesn't do your brain power much good lol So technically speaking it "opens up turn entry space" because you have Your turn point in priferial (spelling was never a strong point) vision and you can see your mid turn point before entering the turn thus allowing you to have that scope of vision between those two points ?
  3. Ok guys currently working on my two-step technique on track/road,now I know the process of the two-step but reading through twot2 I just can't get the whole "opens up turn space" theory correct in my head ? Now I'm not one for fancy words so if anyone could explain this in a laymans way that would be great ! Cheers jim
  4. Same here riding on the road just isn't fun for me anymore too many idiots around and having my son born last year has given me new priorities, so when winter comes the rc is getting a track make over and I'll be buying a xt660 tenere for touring
  5. Think about it this way what's increasing as your bringing the bike up ?
  6. I use the Knox back protector with built in kidney support was a bit dubious about fitting under leathers but after half hour of riding I didn't even know I was wearing it
  7. The ecu was remapped on the newer models but it didn't completely resolve it a lot of people fit a smaller front sprocket and a different throttle cam but my view is it's a big v-twin it's Gunna be snatchy compared to an inline 4 and I think it adds character lol
  8. Like was said nothing a power commander and a decent fuelling map wouldnt fix,trust me I know I ride an rc8 and snatchy throttle responses are free of charge with it lol
  9. Yeah completely see what your saying about the inside shoulder it is slightly pointing to the outside of the turn
  10. Thanks for taking the time for such an informative reply buddy I did feel like I couldn't lock in properly and I'm thinking my pegs were to low As for the feet I have size 13 feet lol,for some reason I did feel quite tense that day and couldn't full relax
  11. Any critism greatly appreciated Cheers jim
  12. The use of wideview also works up and down in your field of vision I think that may help
  13. No this isn't a problem I'm having I'm looking for the science behind why the bike stands up and runs wide
  14. Just to clear something up explain what is happening to cause the bike to stand up and run wide when you shut the throttle off mid turn is it a case of : lean angle and speed are the elements that combat "pushing to the outside of the turn forces" and when speed and lean angle decreases the "forces become greater" i know coming off the throttle transfers weight to the front tyre overloading it and deforming the contact patch to its limit ie, pushing the front end but was wondering what other scientific reasons there are ?
  15. Welcome buddy and revel in the wealth of knowledge that is this forum
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