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  1. Fritz, hey no mine does not have ABS on it. So I have no clue if it does affect it. Hopefully someone does and can post. Pat
  2. Well this year I purchased my new set of Q2’s for my CBR1000rr. I use to have 190/50-17 on the rear but this time I put 55’s.. WOW it feels amazing going into turns. So if you are running 50’s on the back next time try 55’s you gona love the way it turns. Pat
  3. "Pretty darn well" You can say that again....I was able to stay upright in off turn 9 at NJMP during our wet track training,got out of the mudd and finished the session... The turn 9 Villas look good from up close track side And yes that was a prime exemple of target fixation.. I didn't do that twice.
  4. I would say unless you plan on taking your bike to the tracks I would just use CSS. Their bikes are already set up for the track. Now if you use your bike on the tracks, I can see were you would want to use yours so you can become 1 with your own bike. Other than that, hands down use that BMW you will thank me if you have a rainy day on the track. Traction control is awesome when the track is wet... Pat
  5. Welcome back.. looks lik eyou all had some fun. How was your cofee? it looked good. Pat
  6. Steve, Speaking of tires, I just purchased my second set of Q2’s for my 04 CBR1000rr. I was happy with the last set for road and some track. The center seems to have worn out a bit peculiar I was wondering if it was due to my tire pressure. What would you recommend I use? CBR1000rr with 200lb rider Was running Street- 35R/39F Track-33R/33F Thanks
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun.. Can't wait to hear about it all. Be safe see you guys soon. Pat
  8. Kai, Nice resume, I see all those European tracks. You should go try Jerez, Spain. I was there for 3 years never rode on it but watched it and it looks amazing. Pat
  9. Well I only did 1 track "NJMP thunderbolt" It was awsome it flows real nice and for my first track it was great. Hopefully next year i will do VIR, then I will be able to compare. Pat
  10. Cobie, I'm full of good idea The POC you gave me was right he just emailled me back and he will send me small pics to look at because his website is under construction.. Thank you for the help. Pat
  11. Well i'm thinking that the bike did the one thing it can do...... get rid of the operator when things are not right... But while we are on the burn out subject heres one for you.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbVpDOGO50Y&feature=related Pat
  12. Hey Cobie, I just emailed him so I will let you know if its good. Yes that dinner was good most of the time we all work together and then part ways this time we were actually able to sit back a relax. We all had a great time. As for the camera.... The first day If you were to tell me I was looking and turning at the same time I would have said" now way!!" BUT actually watching myself do it i was stunned I did not think that i was doing both at the same time so after that I worked on my look then steer. Talk to you soon Pat
  13. Does anyone know who the photographer was at NJMP Sept 7-8 2011? I did not get any pictures but I was hoping he would have a website. Thanks Pat
  14. Well today was a successful day at NJMP for level 1. Class, ride and debrief then start all over again, it was fun. The cam bike is a “snitchJ” you can’t hide what your doing wrong when the camera is attached to the back of your bike .. Good tool to use. If any of you have not done Level 1,2,3 and 4 you need to attempt to do it because it will be the most awesome training you will ever get with some outstanding instructors. Well Level 2 tomorrow, time to get some rest and be ready for tomorrow. Pat
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