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  1. Pardon me, but according to keith code, the throttle has to be open the as soon as possible to stable the bike and than gradually roll on the throttle as bike proceed to the exit of the turn. Cracking 1/3 of the throttle in the turn than only the bike will start to accelerate. My question is, if we enter a corner by choosing a lower gear, or by gradually roll off, assume that as soon as we open the throttle, the rpm rise 200 rpm and it hits maximum torque of the bike machine. Will it be safe? will the torque knock out the tyre under minimum acceleration or should i say the right way of r
  2. Yes Cobie, i've watch twist of the throttle 2 as well as been to lesson 1 of the super bike school at philip island australia. Understand that we have to roll on the throttle smooth towards the exist of the turn. Couple of days ago, my friend who also rides a fireblade on Sepang international race circuit had a suffer a major high side. He broke his pevis bone on a long left hand corner. I met him a couple of day ago after his recovery also to understand the reason behind his mistake to his crash. He explain of his process with an entry at a higher rpm range (which is about 9-10 rpm which
  3. Hi, I'm riding a Fireblade and have been riding on the track for a couple of months already. Really love the power delivery of the machine. Due to to it's smooth power delivery i've manage to increase entry engine rpm at a higher rate. In the mean while, i;ve wonder if the bike riding at higher rpm near to it's maximum torque rpm, will the tyres still be able to hold traction? Say for instance, the rpm at 11,000 rpms pulls 82ft of torque, will these torque knock the tyre out of traction when the bike is lean over? Or during riding, we should always place our rpm at a lower rpm rang
  4. thanks guys! noted. will practice on the feel grip of the front tires instead.
  5. You're using the phrase "top out" which means "using zero percent of its travel" such as when the bike is not braking at all, or even just sitting there with no rider on it. I'm guessing you really mean "their front fork is fully compressed" which means it's using almost all of its travel. That is what happens when a motorcycle is braking hard. What is spooking you about the front end dipping so much under hard braking? If it's dipping violently, then it sounds like you are apply the front brake too quickly ("grabbing" the front brake instead of progressively squeeeezing it.) What
  6. Just checking with the floor How do we use our brake more efficiently in the corners? Always notice in SBK or MotoGP, the bikes that enter into the corners, most of their front fork is almost top out. But when i try in on the track, as long as hard braking is involve, it always spook me due to the front end of the fork dipping to much. Is there a drill to practice this? Look forward for advice. Cheers,
  7. Hi All, Thank you so much for your sharing and advice, guess to sum up; Work on my vision is the one i should be working on now. Thank you onces again.
  8. Hot foot, Would say that, If feels fast when entering the turn, but later in the turn everything is fine and felt that could have gone faster. i"ve manage in getting on the gas fast in mid apex till driving all the way out till the exit. But it always felt that could brake later or by decreasing the brake marker closer to the turn point. is it me or is there a way to overcome this? i've heard of top racers not even looking at their speedo meter, hence i 've tried to rely on the rpm meter to gauge the entry using rpm.
  9. Hi all, Just to check with you guys, we always hear professionals as well as school coaches refer to brake markers. On the track, i did identify my brake marker for all the corners. But during my course of practice, i would tend to always feel that i could drop my braking marker closer to the turn point. But everything i do that, i don't seems to feel comfortable with the high entry speed. Even if trail braking was involve, it does not feel comfortable going in at fast. Is this normal? Or could any one advice, how should i practice to feel comfortable with moving my brake marker
  10. Thank you hot foot, got what you mean already. Actually just to ask another question out of this topic. Apart from the school which teaches lines, roll on...etc how do you improve and go faster? I've advice from people who ask me to increase mine entry speed. But everytime I do that it seems to be out of control. Could you advice on this as well?
  11. Actually the 10000rpm is where the power kicks in, it rev till 13,000rpm to red line at 15,000rpm. The power band for honda is that the top rev are always flat out leaving all the power at mid range. But Eirik, would agree with you that torque slides are much more controllable. But the fact is mine intent is to keep the bike stable with a smooth acceleration at the shortest time possible to max torque so as to get out of the corners faster. It just puzzle mine mind what happens if the hairpins are long? from what i understand here is that, down shift to a lower gear, than control the
  12. Hi mugger, you got me. Going through level only of the school. It taught us to gradually increase the throttle roll on as we approach the corner. Currently, I'm pushing mine entry speed along with higher rpm so as to utilize the maximum torque to push the bike out of the corner faster, but mine only conerns is that everytime I do that, Mine rev meter would be at 10,000 rpm. With maximum torque at 13,000rpm I would left 2,000rpm roll on to hit maximum torque. If the comers are short, it would not be a problem, but If the corners are long sweeps. Would that means that we need to hold the th
  13. I've been riding on mine cbr 600rr for the last few months. For Honda, most of the power is located at it's mid range. Always in the corner, i've got a feeling that i could open the throttle more as the rpm pulls closer to maximum torque. But while riding on the expressway, recalling back at maximum torque, the pull is always strong. just wondering if anyone out there has max out their power while lean over in huge sweeping corners?
  14. Problem : I'm riding a CBR600rr for at least a year. Recently, i've turn alittle aggressive to drop mine lap times after attending school in Australia for lesson 1. But i still don't understand how to maximize the power of the bike. At lease for a 600rr (high rev bike) the rpm needle has to be kept within the mid range(mine rpm 7K) in order for power. But after speaking to the local guys, i pretty much found out that the their needle is kept above 10k rpm at lease for the power and drive out of the corners. i've tried keeping the needle at 10k, but end up locking the rear wheel when the gears
  15. Hi Gents, Thank you all for the tips. Will get to try out the various means to solve this lower back problem.
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