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  1. Ha ha!! Too much testosterone and not enough brains!! V. Funny
  2. Hi everyone Well I survived the day!! Just wanted to thank everbody for their comments and to say how right you were! I was still paralysed with fear waiting for the sighting lap but by the end of the day I couldn't believe the difference! It was a 'tad' windy! Only I could pick the tail end of a hurricane to ride in but I was so glad I did it. Spidy was my instructor for the day and soon made me feel at ease, everything came together and it can only get better with practice. Whilst I never doubted they get results with their methods, I never thought they would work for me, but the last drill blew my mind!! I will be putting the drills into practice as soon as I get the chance, and will be building up to level 2 next year! Thanks again Trix
  3. Thanks everyone for the support. I'm aiming to get the best out of the day by trying to relax and enjoy the experience!
  4. I'm attending on the 12th September at Stowe circuit Silverstone, so just hope it's dry on the day!!
  5. I'm attending on the 12th September at Stowe circuit Silverstone, so just hope it's dry on the day!!
  6. Trix, Coming to the school will do wonders for your confidence. Everyone at the school will be happy to have you there and will be very supportive. Many Level 1 students (most, probably) have never been on the track before, it will be their first time and they will be nervous, too. The school will explain everything you need to do, and no one will care how fast or slow you ride - it is all about riding at your own pace so you can improve and have a great day. I agree with Mika - coming to the school will help you regain your confidence much more quickly than sorting it out on your own, plus once you get a few laps in and relax a bit you'll have a darn good time. Where are you attending the school?
  7. Thanks for the encouragement from both of you. I will definately let you know how it goes!
  8. Hi I'm so new to this that I haven't even been on a superbike school yet! I have my first day booked for 12th September and I don't mind admitting I am terrified!! I've been riding 6 years - I admit to not getting out as often as I should and I booked the day to try to increase my own confidence, and help me when I ride with my husband -he is much more of a natural rider than I am. About a month ago I had an accident on the bike - I have got back on since then but I have even less confidence than before. I am afraid that I won't ever get back to where I was before, and that will be a waste! I was apprehensive about going on level 1 before the accident, but now I'm plain scared and it don't feel good!! Is it still the right thing to do or should I try to build up confidence myself before I get on a track with loads of other people? Will the instructors have enough time to help me? or will I be slowing other people down? Trix
  9. CSS 12th September!

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