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  1. Try using the ball of your foot on the peg, heel in towards the bike, if you are not already. This should help with the toe problem. As for the knee not reaching the ground, try sitting a little further away from the tank, this will help having your body closer to the bike and your torso in line too when your bum is off the bike, this in turn will not have you uneven and will not affect the stability of the bike.
  2. I have been thinking of the same thing and whether to go in March or not although I went to Moto GP at Silverstone in June 2011 and it poured down all weekend.
  3. I never thought that I wanted to learn how to ride a bike until my girlfriend wanted to have lessons, I couldn't convince her out of it so decided to join her. She broke her leg on our Direct Access training and I went on to pass my test. That was back in late 2007 and in February 2008 I bought a new Honda CBR600RR-07 which I found great, although due to not having much confidence in life I found it difficult. I went to Ron Haslam Race School that year and did both the On Track and Premier courses in the same day, back then it was being run at Donington Park, and using their bikes I gained more confidence than I feel could have been achieved on the road. I went from there to a evening track day at my local track, Brands Hatch and really enjoyed it although was very slow. One of my main problems I've been told is I think too much. I have read Twist of the Wrist 2 and Sports Riding Techniques, watched videos, Twist of the Wrist on video and Twist of the Wrist 2 on dvd, Simon Crafar's new dvd which in places seems to contradict what Keith Code says which is strange, all these are great but they haven't made me quicker and any more confident. Last November I had my 600 stolen and am now enjoying even more the 2006 Fireblade but haven't taken it on track yet which I plan to do as soon as possible and then onto Level 1 CSS at Silverstone. I am not sure however which circuit to go for and whether March will be a good time to go for. Any advice that anyone can give me especially with regard to Level 1 and which circuit to use at Silverstone and if you have used Silverstone in March, would be much appreciated. All the best and Happy New Year to you all. Paul
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