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  1. Hi Guys sorry been awhile since I have gotten a chance to get back on here, I have been out riding abit since I was last here and have applied the tips and advice from all you fokes, I have improved quite abit from just doing this, I have also brought my own copies on Twist of the wrist II book and dvd, I have decided to carry on with the RS250 since my improvments and boost in confidence, the bike is alot more fun and dont find myself making excussesabout going out on her, as someone pointed out "which was quite true", Im just going to take it easy and apply the skills from the book, dvd and you guys. Thanks for all your coments and advise. Steve
  2. Hi Thanks for that L&P great to hear the superbike school is also in NZ, I never seen it when I did a google search, Those date are abit soon for me as I live in Greymouth in the south island, is there chance they will add any other dates though out the year or come to the south island? ie ruapuna? Thanks Steve
  3. Hi Crash, Thanks very much for the comment, I think I have alot to work on here now, trying not to scare myself, I think my wife would deforce me if I spent our life savings heading off to the us to do a riding course. I'll head out on my RS later this week and see how I go with the advise you guys have all given me and will report back Steve
  4. Thanks Eirik, I will try to find a cheap learner I think
  5. Hi guys thanks for the fast replys I think my fear is I'm going to run wide so I turn to early, freak out then do Everything wrong to make me go wider ie my sr's go wild. I go stiff, I sit up now I'm pressing on the bars and cant move the bike then brakes go on mid corner the bike goes all woberly or maybe me?.... so I think my biggest problem appears to be fear and trust in my bike and myself... that is why I asked about weight so I can stop blaming the bike I have tried to find a school here but there is not alot happening apart from a learner ride, ie city traffic training any advise? maybe some counseling? hehe Thanks Steve
  6. Hi Guys, Just to introduce myself, My names Steve, I'm 31 years old living in New Zealand, I have been riding off and on since I was 15, with a large break to date, I have slowly just started getting back into riding but have lost my mojo :S I have brought an Aprila RS250 to ease me back into riding (I only have my learners), I have real trouble leaning into corners even after watching and reading Twist of the wrist II, and abit of practice. here comes my silly question..... I think the bike weighs about 140kg and I way about 100kg.... is the bike to light for a person of my weight? should I try a bigger bike? or do I just need to put more faith into myself? any help would be great, apart from telling me to go on a diet as my wife has already told me hahah Thanks Guys Steve
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