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  1. Well, it took a year to plan out and book a date for the CSS, was signed up for Monday’s 04/01/13 track day at Sonoma Raceway and I was looking forward to learning and improving my riding but it seems like Mother Nature had other plans and due to continuous raining the day was canceled.. Was able to meet quite a few ppl and share stories and riding experiences, if it didn’t rain I think it would have been a pretty awesome day…everyone from CSS was nice and polite and answered any questions I had…. The coaches took our safety into great consideration when making the decision to cancel the day...even when it looked like the raining was clearing out the coaches waited and stated a damp track is still wet and must be completely dry…wish their was a throttle control rule to shut off the rain…lol..…oh well, hopefully I be able to attending the next track day they have Sonoma at the end of September. Until then safe riding…
  2. @Krampus......so how was your experience at the track
  3. Thanks for the feed back..... I just picked up Twist of the Wrist 2 and going through at the moment. The 2 day camp does sound awesome, espically the 2 to 1, student teacher ratio and the possiblity of using the lean and slide bike. As far as the school I'll probably be taking Level 1 this April and if possible I'm going to try taking another class October... Thanks, AJ
  4. Thanks for the responses and information..... @warregl...awesome write ups....I was thinking about taking my bike but riding the school bike does seem better....I would have tow my bike...etc...pretty much what you had stated in your review if I took my bike. I did see you took Level 1 and Level 2 within a few months of each other so I ask: Do you need to take Level 2 right away after Level 1 to keep up with what will be learned during Level 1? If I do complete Level 1 this year I probably would not be able to complete Level 2 until; of course: depending my experience from Level 1, $ and time and wouldn't be be until next year. I know it seems I jumping the gun but I just wanted to plan it out better and where I get the most for the money being spent. Thanks AJ
  5. Hey guys and gals hows it going.....Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello....my name's AJ and i ride a 09 600 CBR.... I've been riding for a couple of years now and was thinking of taking the Level 1 Course at the Super Bike School. Just had some general questions before taking the class. I'm comfortable riding on the streets but would like to work on my cornering skillz. Body Postion, entry speed, exit speed, throttle control..etc. On a scale of 1-10....i would say my corners are a: 3 and that's being nice...lol .....I have trouble getting the bike leaned over maybe due to fear and still have about 1 to 1.5 of chicken strips on both sides of my rear tire..... So, I wanted to know is the school course more setup of street riding or track? Will taking the Level 1 Course help me in my street riding? I wanna be able to hit up canyon road with a more confidence and get through the corners smoothly and safely. PS I wanna get rid of the chicken strips as well....lol.. Thanks, AJ
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