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  1. since we're posting bad videos - this is the worse I've seen at a track day(at VIR) - skip to about the 1min point. . Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt. .




    oh, and in response to the previous video - apparently no one was seriously hurt. a concussion for the high side and the guy with a bike flying at him just has a lot of aches and pains and maybe shouder surgery is what I've read.

  2. and this is the reason I keep telling people (CSS and others) as to why I keep going back riding with CSS. .



    I would rather pay the 475/day fee to get instruction and have a nice safe track day that is well run than deal with the stuff/ego/bumping/politics of these track day orgs (especially prevalent in the Northeast). . In this particular one this is N2 (successor to Nesba) and the control rider/coach is leading a rider (camera bike) that wants to get bumped to "A". . well, control rider ignores the rider that has gone down at the :05 second mark, ignores the red flags that comes out and keeps going causing an accident that takes him and another rider out. Granted the last rider probably should have raised his hand before perhaps slowing down, but if you're an instructor/control rider you should know in your head that a biker has gone down and that red flags are coming out. In this particular case, he said the rider that went down looked to be getting on their feet (not true) and that no red flags were out yet (also not true). Red flag was frantically waving at the :30 second mark of the tape and can clearly be seen.


    Accidents happen, we all know it. You just want to try and minimize your chances which is why I continue to choose to ride with CSS. I tip my hat off to Trevor who runs a tight ship and is one of the primary reasons why I ride and hopefully minimize chances for idiocy like this one.


    Not sure if its a good thing, but apparently this video has made it onto Fox News and Good Morning America already. So it might be a black eye on track riding. . ..

  3. this is one of those old school debates that people want to latch onto. . its a technological improvement, no doubt. . Not sure why people are against it. if we don't want technological improvements to be brought in, lets go back to the old days, with old helmets, single compound tires without all the advances that have been made there, pre suspension tech (no ohlins type of suspensions), no fuel injection, etc, etc. ..


    personally, anything that enhances rider safety is a good thing

  4. I have/had schuberth helmets, including several color/design variations that have never hit the states along with their electronics that go into the helmets. . so I'm committed either way. . I think I've even mentioned shuberth helmets on several posts in this forum in years past. But I do think it would be a good thing for them as most people still don't know how good these helmets are. . .

  5. look where everyone hangs their tire racks and enclosed cabinets on the wall (also frequently the spare tire as well) .. . they are always over where you would normally have cars or bikes. . If you don't use that space it essentially goes to waste. . you'll never need the space above the bike and it only hangs out a little over it. .


    Make sure the baxley chocks are bolted down when you are moving. . otherwise they do have a tendency to shift and if they shift, your straps will go loose and the bike will go down.. .


    I love the baxley chocks and before I went to tire warmers, I would always bring the chocks and just drive into them. . unfortunately they aren't conducive to front warmers, so once I needed those, it was back to pitbull rear/front stands.


    Pitbull trailer restraints are worth their weight in gold and then some. . I have two of them in my previous trailer and two in my current one with pins for every bike I own. By /far/ the best method to transport bikes hands down.


    Forgot about the stock arrows before 2010. I have the F4rr with the square exhausts, so every time I see the round ones I'm thinking Bodis. . The Bodis are amazing but loud...

  6. RB Components makes a bracket that you can attach to the roof to hang your leathers off of which is quite convenient.




    If you had enough height, pitpal's helmet shelf has a hanger underneath that works but you have to put it a bit higher than one sometimes likes to make sure the suits don't drag on the floor, but it looks like you've put another one up. The above one from the ceiling works great.


    I would consider thinking about putting those two items you have above the height of the bikes. Save the front V for items that you need that are taller/longer that you need to put. . the shelf you have there can easily go over the bikes and you still have front full length space.


    Consider the pitbull trailer restraint system. . 10x easier than anything else out there. . . The baxley chocks are ok, but you still need to strap down. The pitbull just roll in, lock the latches and pin them in. . maybe 30 seconds. .


    Look like bodis on the back of that MV. . love their sound. . .

  7. Actually the lineup is the same there and here. . . they sometimes have a few more colors in certain styles there than here. . The same C3Pro, S2, and SR1 are there and here.


    What I meant was that they just don't have a $400 helmet - its all $600-$900 for their helmets which is fine for some but difficult to recommend that to others.

  8. Carbon fiber or fiberglass in a helmet isn't much of a difference.. they are designed to "give" when impact occurs, so while the carbon fiber might be a little stiffer, the real important part is the give in the syrofoam inside the helmet. . If you wanted an impenetrable helmet, then you could easily make a all carbon fiber helmet but your noggin might be in trouble when you hit something as it wouldn't give at all .. .


    My list of factors are similar to hotfoot above - I prefer quieter helmets. . Shoei and Arai both make excellent helmets and are the big names in the space. . The quietest helmet I've used is the schuberth (German) which are known for their F1 helmets. However, they don't have a broad range in their helmet line as its pretty much the best modular or best track helmet and thats it. . I'm not a fan of AGV helmets. They look great but it sounds like a wind tunnel inside. . .

  9. yeah but I think what you are missing is the obvious choice. A toy hauler type of trailer. The point against an RV is that you aren't using it constantly and its a pain all in one unit. Well why pay for the engine part without actually using it. So go with a light toy hauler trailer. It will have decent amenities and no engine - thereby making it significantly cheaper. you can easily leave it unhitched at the track and take your tow vehicle wherever and just come back and everything is still setup. It is the obvious choice for track use.

  10. personally, I would stay away from RV's. . They are great, but very inconvenient for the track - like bordering on possibly a real bad option .. .


    Without elaborating too much - they are great if you plan on staying stationary. If you have to move - and since tracks are usually in the middle of nowhere - nothing worse than having to pack up/close up to go to dinner. and also have to worry about parking in a small lot or whatever. . Just to eat and get groceries and then have to come back and re-lay everything out again. .


    Like I said - bad idea.

  11. Don't forget that its not just putting an AC unit up top (outside of the cutting of the hole, etc) - but that you have to run power from there down to some outlet/receptacle via a breaker box. That way you can either plug your generator into that receptacle or shore power to power the unit.


    and while you're at it putting a breaker box in there, you might as well wire another outlet into the breaker that is attached on the outside of the trailer so you can run tire warmers when you're plugged into power (or running off genny). And then run another outlet on the inside of the trailer so that you can plug various things in like a vacuum inside, or to pump up your air bed, charge your cell phone, etc. . .


    and while you're on the breaker, you might as well put a deep cell battery in there and have a small charger/inverter from shore power. . run some 12v LED lights that can run off battery for 12+ hours


    List is endless. . . .


    that being said, if you're cutting a roof access for AC, if you have room, seriously look at a 12v vent. . they work wonders - even in hot weather. . just the ability to remove the heat from the trailer is HUGE.

  12. 13500 can be run off of lower amps. the 15k btu ones are a bit of a stretch and require more power.. . I think the 13500 is rated to be run off of the 3k genny's., the 2400 you have might be a stretch with the lock rotor starting. .


    my piece of advice - get a roof top unit and be done with it. they aren't that expensive and the last thing I want to do when I get somewhere is to get more stuff ready (like pull an AC unit out, figure out where I want to put the generator (exhaust CO safely) etc etc. . . and if you have it plumbed for 30amp service (or even 15/20amp service), if you have power, you can run it without the generator - just arrive, plug in, turn the ac unit and figure out how you want to sleep. . don't know about you, but if you arrive late, you don't want to be trying to unload, configure and run just to get comfortable. . .


    in terms of weight - they all weigh about 75-80 lbs now, so weight is a non factor. . lower profile is certainly better for fuel mileage, though I honestly don't know what a 15" vs a 12" height difference will make in /actual/ fuel mileage. . .


    hotfoot is also spot on, if you start to get amenities, at some point you'll keep adding and adding and you'll exceed what it would have cost you to get something better. . . after the hvac, you'll then want a fridge, and then a microwave, and then a toilet and then a shower . . at that point you're at toy hauler area. .


    the livinlite units are this new breed called vrv's. . ATC also makes a version of them. ATC trailers are generally considered one of the top manufacturers of trailers out there (car haulers, cargo trailers, command centers, etfc). they are also expensive. . the livinlite's fill a very nice toy hauler niche, but they arne't cheap. . they are aluminum, and very very functional for track days, and are well made so nothing to complain about there.


    one other option you should consider - a lot of people make do with a ventilation fan cut into the roof (even with an AC unit). they can be run off a deep cell battery for 24+ hours. . . as long as its not really hot, a ventilation van works for many a night. .


    good luck, but if you're going down the creature comfort path - good luck, its a slippery slope with more to come. . .

  13. its unfortunate. . I had signed up for Mar31 VIR, but since that appears like its not happening with either group, I am trying to get a refund. . They want to give me 1/2 credit which is absurd. . I'll just challenge it on my credit card and get my refund that way. . I don't have anything nice to say about either group since /someone/ has taken off (or trying to) take off with money from previous registrations. . unfortunately both groups are fruits/branches from the same poisoned tree. . .

  14. the two brands fit a bit differently. . so depends on your size/weight combo to determine whether a particular brand fits or not.. .


    A* and Dainese are both consistent. you will get a certain level of performance/fit/protection based on price within their line. I would use 1000 as a starting point for them as anything below that is essentially their "entry level" suits and I always advocate staying away from anyone's entry level unless its really good.


    Dainese and A* are "Italian" in name only. The brand is italian but essentially none of their suits are made there. They are all made in eastern europe (Ukraine) or lower end ones in China etc. Unless you are a pro racer, you won't find Dainese or A* made in italy anymore.


    Key to look for many suits is the stitching. That generally falls apart faster in the cheaper made suits (or splits). The titanium shoulders etc that look cool aren't the most important items in the suit - its whether it'll hold together in an "off".


    Many "custom" suits that aren't made directly at a particular facility are made in Pakistan. Pakistan has a LOT of suit manufacturers that manufacture out of there. THe list is very long and some are well made and some not so much. You can essentially dictate exactly what you want with many of these manufacturers.

    Good luck

  15. I really dug that Indy GP too. The battle for 4th was an epic one. I'm not sure if I agree with N. Hayden's decision to risk crashing in the last corner just to try to get 8th place. I understand it was in front of his home fans and family but c'mon, that was a sketchy pass.



    Thanks for putting this up. Here in the Northeast USA, Time Warner Cable and Fox 1 Sports had not concluded their "deal" until late morning on Sunday so I couldn't even program my DVR to record it. Luckily I checked back in right before the beginning of the MotoGP and found the pre-race show airing. Unfortunately, we did not get the Nick Harris/Gavin Emmett audio feed.


    As for Nicky and Dovi, remember Ducati didn't renew Nicky's contract and decided to keep Dovi and bring in Cal Crutchlow to take Nicky's place. That's motivation as far as I can see. In a tangential way to Rossi's needing to beat Spies when Spies took his ride at Yamaha


    before and now his push every race to beat Crutchlow now that he is back with Yamaha...I'm just sayin'...




    Slight difference. . Spies didn't "take" Rossi's ride - Rossi chose to leave. Rossi has lost a bit of edge as the other riders have passed him in the last few years, he's still competitive but doesn't have the same desperation and hunger as before. The chip on the shoulder is more on Crutchlow than on Rossi. Crutchlow rides with an anger that you'd like to see as he wants to beat everybody because he thinks he's being disrepespected by the factory 's every time out there. . .

  16. I think it depends on the intended use of my bike. On the last bike I just did in the last few months -


    -DP Rear sets

    -front brake pads to brembo z04

    -brake caliper

    -brembo HPK rotors

    -brake master cylinder

    -fluid reservoirs (purely aesthetics)

    -bar end mirrors (easy to remove for track)

    -bar end signals (instead of stalks) and double as bar end sliders

    -charcoal canister delete

    -free flow exhaust (termis)


    for track

    -sticky Pirelli SC2 wheels

    -marchesini mag wheels

    -replace factory skins

    -Aim data logger with basic telemetry hookups

    -tech spec grips

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