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  1. It's also not like on Level I you are told how to brake, ride slowly or whatever. It's working on fundamentals that the rest build upon. . . Hey Level IV is whatever you need to work on and frequently its you ending up working on a Level I skill. . .. So I don't think you can call it anything different per se to not have someone associate it as "beginner" - but unfortunately when you name/number things in some sort of sequential order, thats what it becomes. . Maybe you change levels to Orange, Blue, Green, Red or whatever. That way you dont associate one before the other until you a
  2. I've kept my bike standard shift mainly because I do have some bikes that are not GP shift. And unfortunately I have ridden a GP shift bike and have "forgotten" that it was GP before. Nothing like coming out of a fast turn toward the straight and hitting up (thinking upshift but going to 1) when you should be hitting down (to go to 3rd). Quite a scary feeling that has happened a couple times, so I've stayed in street. .. I'm not good/fast enough yet to need the advantages that are obviously there yet. . .. I agree that GP shift has advantages coming out of turns. No doubt. For me t
  3. yes and no. I'm sure I hold some stock in HD and I know I hold some audi stock. So does that make me partial ownership in every single HD bike that they have until its sold and every single Ducati bike rolling off the line until those are sold ? Owning stock is partial ownership. . .. .
  4. staying at the track is convenient. As others indicated - foot options are scarce. There is the tavern (their version of slightly upscale food) and the pizza joint a few miles away. Other than that - everything else is 20 minutes plus. You do have a fridge, so getting some sandwich meats/etc is an option. You don't have to worry about lunch unless you have dietary issues as they provide lunch during the days. I don't believe slide back is open to Level 1/2 students but could be wrong. Lean bike is there. Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about the specialty bikes unless you're h
  5. As of last year I know they didn't hit anything on the card (except for the class fee) but only took an imprint on the card. Then if you damage something - wrangler comes and finds you after she gets the total from will and tells you to sign your imprint for your mistakes. Also the bikes have 3rd party fairings (now BMW) so replacement is cheaper, and also have frame sliders to help minimize damage.
  6. I think you guys are over thinking this. They do this because the 2 day is a much more intensive class than the 1 days. They don't want to bother with bikes down, bikes being fueled, you worrying about bikes/etc. Its just not worth it when they haven't allocated time for it. The regimen for the 2 day is laid out pretty tight and that's the way they like to run it. Yeah, you may have time to refuel your bike and such, but you'd be scrambling. But it boils down to this - they are allowing you to use your own bike. Do the 1 days where there is time for it. You can park by your tra
  7. Last 5 bikes I have owned - can't remember the years of prior bikes. 2009 Ducati Streetfighter 1098 2011 Harley V-rod (sold) 2012 Harley V-rod (sold) 2012 Ducati 1199 2012 MV Agusta F4rr
  8. Not possible and you don't want to either. . . especially the first time you take the 2 day camp. There is no time for you to handle anything between sessions. As I posted above - here is the schedule 20 minute class 20 minute track session 5 min debrief 20 minute class 20 minute track session 5 min debrief 20 min class 20 minute track session 5minute debrief etc etc etc No time at all for you to handle any issues or to even worry about refueling. You would be holding back your own track time or missing class or something which would be unacceptable to the instructors. .
  9. It would be interesting to see for sure. . Michael Schumacher went from the pinnacle of the sport to try his hand in motorcycle racing. Heard he was somewhat competitive in some classifications but not at the upper echelons. Would be interesting to see going the other way.
  10. Well depends on where you are from as to which location is easiest. I actually like to travel various areas to try new tracks/courses with CSS. It's exciting, fun, and riding a new track and learn with great instructors - even better. Do a search on the forums. The single day classes are 3 riders to each instructor and every third session (20min track, 20 min class, 20 min off). - on the two day there is no break its 2riders per instructor and its 20 min track, debrief and 20 min class - then back on the track. Rapid fire. It's like 7 track sessions per day on the 2 days. It's 5 t
  11. Yes that's something completely forgot. Most suits come with some cheap foam piece in there that does nothing. It's a "placeholder" for lack of any other term. Yu should remove it if you need some space when you put your back protector in. Some people leave it in as the "filler" to fill out the suit ....
  12. Hotfoot agree with everything said here except about making one bigger. Apparently (from someone who works in the leather suit business) if it fits and its just a bit too constricting its just as easy for them (in his case her) to make it a bit larger than a bit smaller. Apparently they just replace the stretch panel wi a larger one as most suits have. Or at worse put a panel on the zipper or both sides or something. She said it was "easy" - so apparently I technically it's easy but conceptually to us we think tough to add material when it isn't there .... It is apparently more difficult o
  13. As some have indicated you don't have to go pure custom - you can get an off the rack and have one of the motorcycle leather guys do the alterations to fit. For some of us beefier guys it usually means shortening legs or arms and tightening cuffs. Or letting out some sections. That being said a lot of the custom suits guys are not that expensive over an off the rack and alterations. So do keep that in mind. I know several who do work here - some take your measurements and send them to Pakistan(believe it or not quite a few suits are made there) to get a suit tailor made, etc Ad
  14. I am not advocating this in any way but I have heard people take new suits, sit in the shower and do calisthenics for half an hour to stretch their new suits. To me that can't be good for the leather , right ? ?? But that being said its no worse than sweat(salty water) working its way in and soaking the suit while you are on a hot track day. So I imagine no worse for wear .... But yes the suits will stretch even without water. Most people walk around for a bit around the house several times a week before wearing the suit on track - suffering the ridicule of their significant others in t
  15. I'm a little OCD. I bring my own gear no matter what. Their gear is kept in great condition, but I prefer my own gear. If you do use their gear, I would still bring under garments, helmet and gloves. To each their own, but I'd pay the $35-$50 bag fee to use my own gear. .. .
  16. generally if a suit fits pretty well, then it'll stretch to handle a back protector with the stretch panels and the leather stretching. Its kind of like shoes - leather stretches, and after a few sweat session, quite a bit actually, . . . It depends whether the 38 is too big. It sounds like the 38 is too big, so the recommendation to go smaller.
  17. Well outside of the bikers need to do whatever necessary to avoid colliding with any mass object.. . How far in front was the cross over the lines ? I was under the impression that when in (or out) of the carpool lanes, it was almost an absolute no-no to cross those lines to get into or out of the carpool lanes. There are only designated areas where you could enter or leave those carpool lanes and if caught - the fine wasn't pretty. . . So, if that was the case, then that car never should have been crossing those lanes from a legality point of view. . .. Now, that being said
  18. Hey Cobie - not the most comfortable as I've only done the legs ever and it wasn't the most comfortable that I coud take. . . It's used by many pro athletes and even college athletes in football, etc. Anyhow, here is a wiki on ice therapy Wiki on Ice Therapy recovery
  19. Well if you want to reduce or remove sore muscles, you can do what the top athletes do and do an ice bath. It's about 10 minutes in ice cold water right after the physical exercise. In motorcycles, probably full body immersion to cover the shoulders and arms as well. . . Not the most pleasant experience I must say (only once) as its very very cold and almost to the point of unbearable if you have never done it. However, its perhaps the single most innovative way to get muscles back to top level performance that they have "refined" over the last 5 years or so (before they only localize
  20. Kai; They are enroute to New Jersey Motorsports Park on the east coast of the US for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; the end of the eastern schools for 2012. My guess is they're on the road. Rain The trucks are already there as of Friday as I saw them when I was just doing a regular track day. Wish I was able to stay any of these days for the school but kids start school on tuesday.
  21. Hey my first bike was a 1442cc HD softail. . .. almost a liter and a half :-) - though even with the monster torque, you're less likely to get into trouble with the HD than say a superbike literbike. .. . . .
  22. i personally would advocate separate coaches. I think you gain a lot from hearing others and not sure you would want the distraction of trying to help (or someone trying to help you) someone when they are on a particular skill.. . That being said - on a 2 day, if you were separate coaches, you can ride in the same group (though I have heard siblings/friends separated into different groups so that any sort of competitive tendencies were removed) to stay on the same schedule. For one days - there might be a benefit to not being in the same group as one could watch the other during the off p
  23. I'll add my comments. I was at VIR for the 2 day for who knows how many times this year. . . I keep flunking the level IV so I have to retake it over and over and over again :-). I had Joe for my ontrack and he was excellent. Patient, technical and not hesitant to get on me when he needed to. Fixed some bad habits and got me sorted out on some position issues I was having. Cobie is always there and appreciated him pulling me aside/off when he caught me doing something that could have been detrimental to my health. . . Of course all the coaches there were friendly, helpful and top n
  24. I used to ride a Harley V-rod along with some sport bikes. After going to the school - actually had to sell the Vrod as practicing quick turns on say highway on-ramps got quite dangerous. I found myself regularly scraping the exhaust and pegs for turns I didn't even think the turn angle was that "aggressive". So, rather than have an "event" where the exhaust would contribute to braking traction on the rear, I sold the bike and now just ride sport bikes (although safely) on the road.
  25. Yeah, you guys are kind of funny like that. .. . The track is in Toole and there are a few hotels there (which I'm staying at) - but yet you guys seem to stay a ways away all the time. The airport is like 20 miles away or something. Now, downtown might make more sense as you have something to do that night - but for me, after a day running with you guys I need to find a bed and hopefully quick. Would definitely prefer to stay 5 miles away from the track than 20 miles away. . . I know you guys stay 20 miles away in Danville for VIR as well when there is onsite lodging but who knows.
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