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  1. Hey, Ive got a track day in a week or so. I Have just had the suspension serviced. zx10. When braking at the end of the straights I have noticed that the back wheel moves from side to side at maximum braking. The front dips, feels solid, the back end goes light but moves side to side just before i start to release the pressure. I have read on a suspension forum that this can be casued by the front dipping too much.......well heres the quote from the site below I have a zip tie around the fork legs and it goes to around 10mm from bottoming out I have noticed this happening to other riders at the same point on the track when I am watching from the sides. Its not a violent movement from side to side but enought to make the back of the bike feel a little unstable. At this point im bracing my weight with my legs against the tank, rather the outside leg and but is off to the inside. The cause here is way too much front end weight transfer under braking. The front end is compressing so low that the bike's weight tries to pivot around the steering head, causing the side-to-side movement. The quickest solutions here are to increase the front fork spring preload and/or raise the front ride height by dropping the fork tubes in the triple clamps, or decrease the rear ride height by shortening the shock (if possible). try increasing the fork spring preload first, and progressing in small increments until the handling begins to be negatively affected (remember to watch the rebound damping when increasing the spring preload). If that doesn't work, try the ride height modifications; watch for adverse handling reactions in other areas when doing this as ride height changes drastically affect how the bike corners. Other solutions to try--although less effective--are to increase the compression damping in the forks (if possible), or to decrease rebound damping in the rear (to allow the rear tire to follow the pavement quicker). Again, watch for adverse handling reactions in other riding situations when test riding. Any opinions? I would like to see if I can rectify this at the next track day. However, it may be a normal result of hard braking. In which case, all good!!!!! I'm running bridgesone R10s on warmers. Would gentle back brake settle this? My front fork height has around 1 mm left before its as far out as it will go in the triple clamp. thanks
  2. My knee touches down, i dont dig it into the track surface, just scrapes a little. imagine how flexible a normal person is with their hip joint in an outward motion ,then half it.....anyhoo. that not a big deal really. im more concerned with getting set up for the corners right now and i think typing about it has helped get it into my head....the order of things that is
  3. Relax your leg? the knee out one? If I relax my knee down leg it doesnt move much at all. As a former martial arts instructor I always had major ussies with flexibility in my hips. I find I have to push my knee outto get it as far out as most other people can do normally, then it touches down, and no its not so far out its like a sail! Ive seen people do that and it looks weird. anyhoo. Next track day is to try the combination as a drill at the end of each straight. thanks for the replies. Ill post what I fond out in around a month thanks
  4. OK, heres a few questions that id like to answers too........ I used to approach all hard braking areas by squeezing the tank with both legs, relaxing upper body, then off the brakes shift body and lean into the corner however I have found that its too much going on at corner entry so I have tried to modify my technique just before braking a move my arse off the seat to the inside of the corner, let my body slide forewards and bracing my body against the bars under braking with my arms( i fint it almost impossibe to do with just one leg), that being the outer leg of the corner we all see top racers hang their arse off to the side under braking then their upper body and leg leans into the corner as their but is already off the seat. Now the bike feels hard to turn in and im concerned about pushing on the bars to get the bike to turn as my upper body is resisitng the braking forces Do i need to use 1 leg to brace against the braking forces and just get over it? or can i afford to tuirn in when the front feels heavy and compressed? im finding it really difficult to get this combination of braking, moving butt off the seat, leaning body in and pushing on the bars all in the right order is hard..... what is the right order? logic would suggest to me slide arse off , lock on outisde knee, brake, blip, lean upper body, push on the inside bar, look at the exit, lean in, release the brake, apex and gas on. is that correct? dont tel me to go to a school to find the answer as its going to be at least a year til i get the rest of the levels done ive just had the forks serviced and suspnsion set up by a pro, brand new r10 tyres a 1000 cc sports bike, compelted level 1 in new zealand and done quite a few track days thanks
  5. hey. thanks for that. Im in New Zealand. Im not sure what good it would do for a guy in the UK to get hold of me? Although I am from England. I have re read the chapeter on pivot steering and thats kinda sunk in a bit better. Pushing down on the inside peg definetly tightens the turn. but its absoloutley exhausting!. can wait until the next day at the track.
  6. I was only told to push on the inside peg to tighten the turns if i felt it necessary. i maybe doing it all the time.... and it wasnt a css coach. i found the css coach very wishy washy in al honesty. asked me how it felt after each session. and they just gave me generic answers, nothing specific really. i feel very relaxed and locked into the bike on the outside with my arm and leg. should i not be weighting the inside peg at all? i never feel sore arms/wrists or stomach/back. im relaxed enough in my hands tht i can take my left hand off the bars mid corner and the bike holds its line. ive had other instructors at other courses say to wight the inside peg to help the bike pull tighter into the turn. the css school here in NZ has stopped 'trading'. as far as my legs go, its the whole quad muscle thats aching like a *********. i work out 3 times a week and I cant just nip over to ozzie for a track day with css. its not a short journey. 2000km to be exact. but thanks for all the tips guys. i pull my heel up and intothe frame of the bike and point the toes towards ths inside of the corner, resting on the peg with my tip toes. ball of foot on the outside peg. does it look like im hanging off too much? it feels to me like i have 1 but check off the seat, from the middle of the seat. when approaching the corner, just before turning in, i make sure im set up in the middle of the seat, with 1 butt cheek off................at least thats what it feels like. feels like im off the bike a lot. thanks again
  7. hi guys. well this is my first post. ive started getting into track days and do as many as i can affored. i ride a 04 zx10. i have done level 1 here in new zealand but the school has shut its doors the issue i am having is my legs ache like a B******* after track days. i usually have to come into the pits 1 lap early in each session as my legs get so sore. i never feel any fatigue in my arms and torso at all. i know i am very relaxed on the bars and smooth with the controls. i am now running in the 2nd fastest group on the track days. I was told by an instructor to push down on the inside peg to get the bike to tighten into the turns. after a clockwise track day my right thigh is killing me! am i using this technique too much? i am not pushing on the outside peg at all but i do feel locked into thebike. my outside arm is lying on the tank, head towards the mirror. i feel like its a major effort to get my knee out and hang off. it actually hurts my leg. im probably sitting in the middle of the seat when going through corners. shold i move forwards to the tank and then hang off? im 5' 11. 92 kgs. i go to the gym 3 times a week and use crosstrainer for 50 mins or so, plus core exercises. im running bridgestone BTR10 track biased tyres. suspension has been set up heres a few pics. any tips please guys?
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