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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. It looks as though it's a case of less is more. An HP4 may have a lot of bhp but in some situations it is not necessarily an advantage. I agree the mountains are not a race track and therefore riding well within limits makes plenty of sense. What I want to be able to do is to be as smooth and in control as I am on the track when riding in the mountains where some of the drills learnt in CSS don't necessarily work. One that does is wide vision and also having the confidence to properly countersteer. It's goingto be a case of continuing to practice!
  2. Despite having done 6 school days the last involving 1:1 with Gary in April nothing has quite prepared me for riding in the Austrian Alps. There are numerous twisty high alpine passes which are great for bikes but doing so smoothly is a problem. On steep 1:4 type roads riding uphill I am finding that throttling off ahead of the apex doesn't work, because if the revs drop too much into the uphill part of the corner momentum is lost and there is not enough torque to pull you round smoothly. It seems counterintuitive and against everything learnt at CSS but solution seems to be that ahead of the apex you drop one or two gears and then as you start to hang off the bike and push on the bars you accelerate at the same time in order to keep momentum and grip - remember though the corner itself is on a sharp uphill. Any thoughts on how to perfect this much appreciated. The sharp downhill poses different problems. With a steep downhill gradient the bike has got plenty of momentum of its own and early braking required. But once hanging off the bike and getting the bike over finding it difficult to work out how much throttle to apply if any given that the centre of gravity of the bike is so far forward. Any thoughts on what I should be doing? I am riding an HP4 and seem to be going a lot faster than my Continental cousins. The good news is that I am not going wide or drifting in these demanding corners but my technique doesn't feel right due to lack of experience in these conditions. One road had 38 bends over 6,000ft of climb so not like Stowe!
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