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  1. Nice discussion about the need to hang off or not. If you can achieve equal laptimes with both techniques, what does it matter which one you use. It will become your personal choice of what you like or not, not a SUM of calculations on angles and forces that should lead to the optimum style for the fastest lap time. For me I really like to wrestle my GSXR1000 around with some decent physical input from my 6f4 body. Why, because it is fun. The same why my track mate on his Ducati 1098 is acting like a Hailwood replica, and having the same amount of fun. Unless you're doing competition, laptimes become more of a priority. For trackdays riders like me fun comes first, and with it a riding style you feel happy with.
  2. Interesting...Looking at MotoGP, having TC does not guaratee not having highsiders. For commercially sold bikes used in trackdays it might save your a$$ here and there. But If you could use some of the TC possibilities to give you extra information about the traction limits, that would be helpfull i guess. For that reason I'm using a couple of LED's on my homemade dash to inform me about my wheel speed differences. Not to let the DTA ECU act upon that but just to give me background information to get a better feels for traction. And it still anables me to cut power on full lean at the start of a (unwanted) slide. Unfortunately that is something you don't have on standard bikes. TC will never be perfect, not even in F1, so good training on rider skills in this area should always be no1.
  3. Besides doing trackdays for a few decades I'm an avid cyclist. For year and years I trained my butt off to climb faster, improve my cruising speed and sprinting abilities, only to end up with the conclusion that training in every sense is good as long as it doesn't affect your motivation. If your trackdays end up into a dissapointment because you were only able to slide out of 19 of the 20 corners, that's also missing the point. A good balance between (CSS) training days / exercises should be balanced by riding with what you've already learned and enjoying it.
  4. After 20 years of trackdays, i found out that static loading of one of the pegs doesn't do anything (Cog of your body stays the same) But...only during the pick up out of a corner I momentarily apply outside peg pressure, lean my upper body even more inwards ( that's where the force on the peg is coming from/for ) and pull on the inside bar. This stand up the bike fast and makes it possible to apply the throttle a bit sooner and it feels fast and solid, even when the bike starts to slide a little.
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