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  1. mblaster - I totally agree! I too would love to attend a camp, but being a family man with wife and 4 children it's out of my price range. I did level 1 at Barber on 6/1 (an early Father's day present). I'm very happy that they offer the 1 day classes at a reasonable rate. I have since done a track day and it was fun, but I don't think I would have contemplated doing a track day without my experience at CSS! There's no comparison in terms of coaching and instruction! At the track day, there was a brief meeting after the 1st ride for the Novice group (I slated myself in Novice although th
  2. That's awesome! My 2nd daughter is 17 and asks me when she'll be allowed to ride a bike - I told her when she's a little more experienced on the road I might let her ride only after she's taken the MSF class and only if she's following me on the street. Seeing the results above, I might have to beg for a discount at the school so I could send her there instead... I don't know - she could pick up trash or wash bikes for you guys or something...
  3. I am familiar with the area! I hate it that you went down up there - that sucks! There are some great roads in the area! I try to get up there once a month or so when the weathers nice - but I don't get up there (at least on my bike) during cold weather. The one exception was riding up to Greenville, SC via N GA mountains to go to the Int'l Motorcycle show - I think it was the 1st year they moved it from Atlanta. At any rate it was 16 degrees when I left my house that morning - that was the 1st and last time I've ridden when it was that cold! I had a similar experience with black ice tha
  4. Melly, Welcome (from a relative newbie myself) - I have to concur with comments above - the school is awesome! I'll see you around the forums. Prince
  5. My list is much shorter than most but here goes: 1995 Honda VFR750 (2005 - 2010) 2007 Honda VFR800 (2010 - 2012) 2004 Suzuki GSXR600 (2010 - 2012) 2012 CBR1000RR (Currently the only bike that I have in the garage).
  6. Tharkun, I was at the level 1 school at Barber on 6/1 for my 1st track experience and I did scope out your bike - congrats! She's a super sweet machine - and it looks like you put her through the paces pretty well! I was #12 in the Green group (you might have noticed me by the big 'ol ###### eating grin I was wearing all day). I've owned a couple of VFR's ('95 and '07 RWB) and I'm a huge V4 fan - I keep waiting for HONDA to quit f'ing around and put out a V4 literbike that doesn't weigh 1/2 a ton like the VFR1200... Alas, I guess I'll keep waiting. However, I purchased the 2012 CBR1KR
  7. Kai, Thanks for your advice - I was finally able to get out for a spin this evening after my softball game and I tested using the zip ties. I was not in full leathers - leather pants and mesh jacket (without back protector) because I was just too damned hot to put it all on. However, after several hard stops as well as a few quick hard brake - roll - hard brake - roll - hard brake sequences the zip ties are almost an inch away (7/8ths) from bottoming so I think I'm pretty good. Cornering was very responsive, tracked well, and felt solid thoughout several quick turns with knee scraping a
  8. Hey Rabbit, I'm new around here, but for what it's worth I have 3 pairs of gloves. Two pairs of AStars - 1 pair of GP-X that's perforated, vented, and without gauntlets (for commuting and really hot days down here in GA) and 1 pair of SP-2 with gauntlets for when I'm either heading up to the twisties (or even hitting the track - now that I've taken level 1 I hope to continue taking higher level classes and working in a few track days) and 1 pair of JoeRocket gloves with insulation for bad weather (they even have wiper blades on the back of the thumbs). Like Carey, I have a hard time f
  9. What's up Carey - I take it you're not too far from Atlanta... I noticed that you're an Auburn fan, but I won't hold it against you (as long as you won't hold it against me that I'm a Dawg fan). I'm totally with you on the buddies - I had one that cried about me taking the level 1 class without him (I've been trying to get him to sign-up for a class for years) then when I mentioned heading up to VIR he cried about it being too far away! He's a Tech (Yellow Jacket) guy so I always expect a lot of crying from him but it's a little ridiculous sometimes... Hope to see you around sometime -
  10. Once again - thanks for your input - I'll definitely look into shimming them - that may save a few $'s! I've heard good things about Ohlins - if the spacers don't work for my stock springs I'll give them a look. Wow - 185 at 6'6"... I haven't seen 185 Lbs since highschool (11th grade)! You must've been less than 1% body fat - I was less than 2% at 195 Lbs back in my football playing days... I was shooting to set my SAG at 30mm front and back - but since I could only get 34mm on the front, once I got to 33mm on the back I left them there. Who knows, I may really like that set-up and
  11. I had never used a tank grip pad before attending Level 1 class at Barber - I was so impressed with the Stomp grip pads that I asked Dylan at the end of the day if they had any clear ones on hand for purchase but unfortunately they only had black (I have a new CBR1KRR - white with Red & Blue graphics that carry over onto the tank that I do not want to cover up) so I will be ordering the clear Stomp grip pad. I'll post again once I get them on the bike to report either successes or difficulties - the black ones were super sticky on the track and worked great with my one piece leathers - no
  12. KHP - thanks for the feedback! I still haven't been able to ride yet as it's been alternating between downpour and steady rain all day, but I will use zip ties to check for bottoming once I'm able to get back in the saddle. Also, thanks for the advice on shimming the spring (although I will have to do a little more research in this area as I'm not familiar with proper proceedure) if necessary before looking into new springs. The rider could stand to loose a few lbs - but I'm 6'3.5" and weigh in at 210 Lbs (so I'm not too far out of line in that dept). I work out with resistance training pr
  13. Just finished dialing in my front and rear SAG. With the stock front I was only able to get it to 34mm (I was hoping to dial it in at 30mm). The rear currently set at 33mm (I left it there instead of going to 30mm because I hit the limits of my front preload at 34mm). Two question: 1) Recommendations on stiffer springs on the front to enable me to set my SAG at 30mm. 2) Should I back off the rear preload to get to 34mm or more (is having the rear SAG at 33 with the front at 34 going to make my bike turn in slower or adversely impact handling)? I haven't been able to take
  14. Manos - how are the twisties over there? I haven't made it to level 4 yet (just finished level 1), but I'm a Honda guy myself (started on a '95 VFR 750 - then went to an '07 RWB 25th Anniv Edition VFR800, later purchased an '04 GSXR600RR from my son-in-law. I eventually sold the GSXR and the VFR and a 2012 CBR1KRR (also RWB color scheme - although much more white) serves as my trusty steed. Initially I wondered if I was going to miss the ol' VFR, but I have had the CBR for several months now and I can honestly say that I haven't missed the 'ol VFR at all... it was a great bike, but the CBR
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