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  1. @evans I have tried to used Bell Star which I purchase from http://www.jafrum.com/Motorcycle-Helmets It's comfortable to wear because it fits perfectly to your head. Try it. Then, tell me how do you feel about it.
  2. I had this Bell Star full face I had my eyes on when I went to a local dealer of helmets. I tried it on and it was really comfortable and the dealer said that it is also a good helmet. Anyone had experience with Bell Star?
  3. Spending more than 10 minutes wearing the helmet before purchasing is I think really made a difference. Thank you shared that.
  4. I couldn't agree with Steve more! Finding a lid that fits is second only to buying one that provides quality protection. Additionally make sure if you are ordering online that you know what the manufacture date is. Helmets have a life span and the discount might be because the shelf life is getting old. While there is some debate over this (usually with people that don't want to have to buy a new helmet), I believe both Arai and Shoei recommend replacing at 5 years old. I know now that even helmets have life span thanks for that. I think its not about expensive the helmet is, I think its all about how protective the helmet is. Find a helmet in local store that fits me well, search for it online, find a reliable site and purchase one. Thanks for all those replies. It helped me a lot about helmets.
  5. I want a helmet for everyday commute. I want a helmet that less than $500. Thanks for the replies I really appreciate it. These experiences and knowledge you shared would be a great help for me as a beginner. Anyways, I've searched for online sites that sells affordable helmets and there are really many of them. I found this site jafrum.com that sells a lot of helmet brands. I can choose from their wide collection. So what do you think?
  6. For bikers, the quality of helmet is very important so choosing the right brand is I think important. I am a beginner for bikes so I really want my first helmet to the right helmet. Can somebody help me in choosing helmets? What brand? And how should I know what helmet would fir perfectly with me? Suggestions and experiences are highly appreciated.
  7. Leather gloves, for me, are the great waterproof gloves. Mens River Road Cheyenne Cold Weather Leather Gloves They are tear resistant so you can be sure of the protection and it also has armors around the palm for a perfect fit and comfort. My father has this kind of gloves that he has been using for more than a year now and he really feels comfortable wearing it.
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