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  1. Hello All, its been 4 days since i attended the school, but i must tell u , i still dream about those 2 days. by far one of the best 2 days spent on a motorcycle. the coaches were very patient with me, i guess i was the slowest on the track, and probably the slowest learner as well. thanks guys to putting up with me, and imparting so much confidence into me. i might still not be most graceful thro the corners, but i sure know what i need to do when i hit a corner. not sure if i can post pics here......
  2. My rear tyre is kinda worn out in the center, the sides are still alright. One of the tyre dealers adviced me to change the tyre. My worry , is it alright to go to track on a brand new tyre as am doing CSS in couple of days time
  3. so after the heart break in september news has it that u guys will be in johannesburg on the 19th and 20th of this month ( november ). i have enrolled for both the days i initially wanted to do level one both the days, cuz i am a novice and wanted to learn properly, but the organisers convinced me to do level one on 19th and level 2 on 20th. good idea or bad ?
  4. cant wait..... is it just me or is there any one else who is scared of leaning into a corner ?
  5. Thanks Spidey , i did speak with Dave from track daze. am planning on attending both the days 22 and 23 of september. thanks again, cant wait
  6. one more thing, will be able to experience the lean bike and brake bike here is south africa?
  7. Thanks for the reply. i think , i have learnt whole lot of wrong things in my previous years. would love to un-learn them. i did lay my hands on twist of the wrist 2, last weak, and been reading it, its an eye opener . to answer ur question, i think i have never thought of taking corners at speed , my riding position and my perception of speed could use some help. cant wait for CSS, in johannesburg in spetember. hey, do u know if i need to bring my bike for the course or can i rent one from the school? i prefer taking my bike though.
  8. Hello All, New to the forum, new to bikes, new to corners.... terrified, petrified, and all those adjectives that goes along. My name is Amit, am an orthopaedic surgeon from Johannesburg, South Africa. been ridng for more than a decade, but only smaller bikes ( read 100cc) , got myself a Ducati Streetfighter 1098 s in 2011, and soon found the bike testing things that my riding skills cannot handle. am not giving up on my bike yet, have decided to do what ever it takes to get it sorted. had a track day once and was the slowest on the track, reason.......... plenty of them, but mostly cuz i just cant take corners...... i am the most pathetic biker when it comes to corners. So, decided before i dent my confidence any more, wont take to the track until i attend CSS. heard u guys are coming to Johannesburg in september.... cant wait...... my last hope........... !!!!
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