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  1. Timmer - Any news on an ignition timing, adjusting box for the 2012, 1000RR BMW yet..? Thanks Mike
  2. Sounds very interesting AND much welcomed. Is there a timeframe as to when this timing (I'll need the fuel too !) stuff can be expected to hit the retail shops from Power Commander...? It's reassuring that one of these days (soon ?), I can be less worried about how badly my BMW is tuned..and all the things that go with it ! And then be glad, about how well...my 1000RR runs...and the things that go with that...! Thanks again Mike
  3. Timmer - Power Commander request...if I may... With the use of the two different programs I've used to tune the Buells, they have one thing in common, you can actually see the timing values at, rpm vs. throttle opening. While I know there is many ways of doing this, if I may throw out a wish list..? It's a short one....make a graphaical interface to actually see what you are doing and where it's being done. E.g., as noted above, rpm vs. throttle opening or any other location you desire, just make a computer screen graph that can be understood, to alter the timing by. This wo
  4. Timmer - Thanks for the response and the info. Sounds good to hear that the Power Commander guys are/will be working on a way to alter the ign. timing. I called another company a while back, they said that they may be working on one, but it will take a while. In tuning car engines for so many years, and then getting into the Buell tuneup (both the XB and the 1125 engines), it's pretty much the same animal, engines make good power, stay comparitivly cool and return resonable gas milage when the ign. timing is more to the engines liking. AND...as you say, how much, where and whe
  5. Timmer - Yea..sorry, the 1000RR (a 2012 version) Yes...to both ! Why don't "any"...companies, and why not ? What seems to be the apparent difficulty with doing this ? My first Buell was a Harley engined XB12R. I figured I'd better learn to tune with a used bike and found this one close to home and cheap. I got a copy of an ECM management program (ECMSpy), and learned to use it. That way if I "F" something up...it don't kill an expensive engine in a new bike..! I've been building and tuning automotive street and race engines for...well, a long time...so I'm more thAn comf
  6. Question for Timmer - I see you work for Dyno Jet. Maybe you can tell me why you (and others !) don't make boxes or have within the fuel mapping boxes, a way to better tune the ignition timing ? I know why BMW doesn't have a good timing tuneup...the EPA. But the aftermarket needs to get onto this. At least for the 12 models. I don't know anything about the tuneup on the 10's or 11's, but the timing maps are horrible on the 12's. It's one reason the engines run so hot at lower/mid range rpms. These bikes would be much more "interesting" in the low/mid range rpm's with better ti
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