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  1. ok guys, test day friday, gonna try to loosen my grip and see what happens
  2. the bike is a gsxr 1000 k5, have damper, using rental clip ons, its a race bike, the bike is set up by suspension guy at track so i assume its correct, i try to hold on lightly but when ur braking from 140mph to 30mph for a harpin its hard for the weight not to be transferred to the bars, causing me fatigue , its only thing holding me back
  3. quick one for u guys, im having trouble lasting the full 15min session when im at track day and i have a race meeting this week, problem is, my arms are going before i am casing me to come in early... im gripping the tank with legs but its still happening , any tips, thinking about maybe trying to anchor heel of boot on foor peg, to stop me put pressure on bars?? help..
  4. some excellant posts in this thread, thank u for taking the time to write em out...
  5. cheers for all the replies guys, have a track day coming up on saturday... gonna see how fast i can flick this bike in, im confident it wont wash out now, and banish my lazy steering hopefully... and yes ive watched twist of the wrist 2 several times now, even though the acting is horrendous in it.. also gonna try get a copy of motovudu soon... although thats suppose to contradict a few things in the twist of the wrist dvd....
  6. how much force and how quick can i push the bars to make bike turn without washing the front out... had 2 offs recently, confidence is gone, starting to rush corners again and braking to late and hard into them too instead of carrying decent corner speed... also falling into the habit of looking at the back of the bike infront of me.... new too track days, done 6 but seem to be going backwards since my crash... help
  7. hi guys, instead of starting a new thread i thought id use this one as its based on heavy breaking... now my query is, wheres ur feet at on pegs under heavy breaking? i find that squeezing the tank with my knees under heavy breaking doesnt really stop me enough from sliding forward, so ive started to try brace my heel against the peg also to try stop me from sliding forward, But the im finding it hard to get feet back on the peg on the ball of my foot, just before i tip it into the corner?? any ideas? Madlins perpective:" I myself hook my foot on the arch of my outside foot as I'm in the turn, this helps me power out from corner to corner as I use my legs. The inside foot is on the ball and my feet are on the ball when I'm on the straights as well, upon braking I lock my heel to the peg this helps me from sliding foreward and I can control the weight foreward or back as the bike moves around or to set up for corner entry. But again foot position to balance the bike while in the turn and also to be able to shift or rear brake is also important for me, so peg position is very important and using your feet is just important as well. If you feel like you got to much weight on the inside foot or you ar e using your arms to hold yourself in the corners then you need to adjust your footing to eliminate that, it will save your energy and you will be able to concentrate on riding the bike not holding yourself up."
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