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  1. Hi guys, October is finally here and I'm off for my track days tomorrow and day after. Went through all your suggestions once again and will definitely be going through them again at the track. Wish me luck!!!
  2. There is a whole fast bikes article about this... I'll post it here if I can
  3. They did, yes... I live in Bombay, so I flew to delhi as well. My only advantage is, I have a factory about 6hrs driving distance from the track, so I keep my bike and gear there and just cart it down whenever I need to. India desperately needs more tracks.
  4. @YellowDuck - Yeah, the main straight is like 2kms long. I know a guy who did 297kph on his S1000RR... It's crazy... Also the best lap times were by this guy called Bharat reddy who was clocking 2:07:xxx, also on an S1000RR
  5. @stroker - Yeah, BIC is way more expensive that the Madras circuit, but it is also a much better track and much better managed. The whole crew including Bharat Reddy actually cart all their bikes to BIC to ride. They were there for the track weekend when I last rode... I promise, there were at least $300-500k worth of bike on that truck. Including a brilliant rider on a multistrada.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I'm attaching a map of the track for your reference. This is the F1 version of the track and there is a very slight variation for the motorbike version. Basically they skip the chicane, that is T6 and go straight to T7. The rest is the same. @Rchase - I definitely have issues regarding reference points, but I seem to make progress each time I go. I'm trying to set up reliable reference points and I think I've managed this pretty well for a few turns, but my biggest issues arise in T3, T4 T10 and T15. I used to have major issues with running wide at T16 be
  7. Hi guys, I did my last track day a few months ago and managed my best lap time of 3:18 at BIC(buddh international circuit) in india. Can you please check out my lap video and see where I'm going wrong, I'm targeting sub 3:00 times. I ride a ninja 250r with a gsxr shock spring to my weight and Michelin street radials. Best lap
  8. Hi guys, after waiting for ages, I finally managed to do a track day at Buddh International Circuit. Unfortunately I didn't manage CSS, but I guess something's better than nothing. What an amazing experience though, and want an amazing track... It was absolutely fantastic! I had booked 2 sessions for myself of approximately 50mins each. The first session, I pretty much ruined for everyone. After doing about 3 laps without incident, in the fourth lap, I got distracted by a bike at turn three, didn't pay enough attention to the upcoming corner, panicked, grabbed a handful of brakes and landed up
  9. Soooo.... My dream of going to the track got rained on.... Quiet literally. Today, a day before leaving, I get a call from the organizers saying that the track even has been canceled due to excessive rainfall, thanks to a cyclone off the coast of Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh. Pretty disappointing considering this has cost me almost 200$ and I have nothing to take away from it... Looking forward to CSS in Jan now...
  10. Hi WrapSpeed, no this is not CSS. The CSS event for this year already happened in Jan and for next year it's in feb. I will be attending that as well, but since this is first, I figured doing two track school sessions can't hurt. Thanks Kai, my tires have enough fresh rubber, having only 4000 odd miles on them. My concern was that the stock IRC tires aren't supposed to be great. Can't do nothing about that now anyways, but will change them before CSS in feb. Thanks for your reply Carey, I'll definitely keep what you said in mind. I have both the DVD and Book versions of T
  11. Welcome aboard Rishi, sucks about your accident. Hope you manage to get back into your groove soon. Good luck!!!
  12. That was a very interesting read... Really sucks that you couldn't use your bike in the race, but at least you managed to race... Props for that!!!
  13. I'm actually planning on raising the rear of my 250r to sharpen the cornering a bit. I'll first be switching over to a GSXR 600 rear shock and then making custom linkages to increase the height by an inch or so...
  14. Hi guys, I'm finally getting the chance to attend a track school this year in November. It's going to be held on the 3rd and 4th of the month. Could you guys please give me any pointers on what I might expect over there? The school is run by Apex Racing. They have their own racing team and also hold riding classes every other month. From what I've been told, most trainers are ex racers, so they should know what they are doing. I'm going to be transporting my bike there for the event. It's a 2011 Ninja 250r. The suspension and tires are stock, will that be a problem? Thanks guys
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