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  1. Yes to eeyone and thank you for the input! My apologies for posting a pic in jeans and a Tshirt. The day I took these pictures, I was practicing only some body pisitoning and Yes, completely I'll advised without PPE. This is not my standard safety equipment but I was a mile from my house just doing some basic changes and taking it easy. Nonetheless, I would never encourage this wear to anyone riding but I took a risk that day. Sorry, only pic I had to use as an example quickly on here.
  2. lean angle, fresh S20's.....

  3. Thank you for everyone's input so far. I completely undserstand that increasing lean angle on public roads is not highly advised and improper body positioning and poor lines would cause an increase in lean angle. The question I have is more related to the fact that many guys are able to hit corners and easily drag the knee if they wanted to (deals gap, or even slow in parking lots on youtube) I think for me, I feel that I would not be able to ride deals gap and really throw the bike into the corners like a lot of people are able to. I want the confidence of going into a particular corner and k
  4. So this question may sound rather simple but I think no matter ones experience level, many could benefit from the answers. Here is my question: I have been riding for 2-3 years now and I practice all the proper body positioning techniques, however, recently I took pictures coming into several corners to study what I am doing but my lean angle is very shallow and I'm not "hanging" way off. The corners feel great, the bike is stable and no issues other than I can't seem to get the bike to layover to strong lean angles. When I am cornering, it feels as if I am leaning over quite a bit, yet the pi
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