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  1. Did almost 270 mi today practicing practicing practicing. I noticed Keith that you cover your brake with the outer three fingers which is new to me and perfectly logical with the BMW's long flowing curved levers. I think I've heard of "feathering" the gas with the index and pointer fingers before. I noticed this today in a picture of you on your S1k with the comment something like "69 year old Keith Code is still a knee dragger" in an article about your trail braking interview which I did not finish yet but recognized a lot of from previous writings. Someone please let me know if I've got t
  2. Thanks Eirik, I was wondering when you were going chime in since this was partially your idea...the thread. Great suggestions and I'm going to respectfully agree to disagree on the limits of my bikes performance cause I'm not sure that's ever happening or I'm just to prideful to say "I can't". Gottta go wife has groceries.
  3. CALM, Constructive, peaceful, romantic, serene. Now more so as I recover from my fatigue. Riding 2up today. Yesterday 26.3 mi on N shore LI in/around Port Jefferson to past ST James, through Stoneybrook U parking lot complete in speed limit partially then fully when I thought I saw a full blown State Policeman then realized it was U other car (Ford police style). Then to 97 Nicholls Rd less than 100 and wondering why SC Police, SC Sheriff continually stop but accept PAL card? as pass. Looking for legit Fireman's badge in racing support to top out and get the full pass hopefully but then
  4. Read Muggets Risk and Cobies Nice Piece on the School and Both made me think even more on what drives me to do what I do, when, where, how, and why, on a bike. Vulnerability is such a difficult thing to put out on the Forums sometimes but I'm doing it but feeling anxious, panicked, and humiliated by it at times. Yet, thank God, sometimes I see others doing the same thing in more subtle and sometimes even overt ways. Others are simply confidently expressing their views. I even see evidence if some of my most distressing personal issues, the death of a loved one, and a medical issue. I've b
  5. In addition we are trying to establish a Motorsports park here on LI; A joint venture between NYS Park and Private rescources. This is making the impossible possible to make moot (cow's opinion doesn't matter) the question entertained. Since getting more ridiculous by the minute I will stop and go back to sleep.
  6. Not that tough that I can't find some humor in it such as to float a boat one needs water which we have plenty of after all it is an Island. One need a motorcycle that can fit the bill and ours certainly are. We (here) have envisioned a Motorsports park but need help to get it real to make the question above a non-issue.
  7. Thanks cf, Its new soulful exciting in a good natured way. all, i'm getting it little by little thanks for helping me.
  8. Glad i signed up for the ama emails so now im getting daily updates. Daytona is an awesome race.
  9. Keith, Question unfairly posed as I realize now, again that rhetorical may not apply. Can you learn this safely on the public roads? r, Thank you. Breaking the speed limit is a big issue. My lawyer and police (except for a very few who ride hard on the street) wholeheartedly agree with you. Otherwise we share similar experiences but for my lack of track experience. Coaches? Cobie, I know some of your thoughts on this as to the geographic problems for some of us to get to the track because of how you had to travel in the beginning of your career. I think you have strong opinions regardi
  10. Man, I just can't get this right...its a paraphrase from Twist II...most of you will know what I mean.
  11. Keith, You posed this question rhetorically because we're supposed to know the answer. With all due respect for some of us not only is this possible but its necessary due to finances and choice. Illegality is yet another conundrum. For students please help me with this.
  12. I find that its possible to "get through the corner with as little lean angle as possible" paraphrase Twist II....at least sometimes I get through a turn with way less lean faster than I thought was possible. I realize we are talking about a special case when maximum lean is a must but choosing when is an art.
  13. Thanks r. Functionally its awesome and it's even prettier in person. It makes it much easier to control her as you're plunked down right in the sweet spot and can easily steer under hard acceleration because all the force goes through your body into the tail and not ever from pulling back on the bars. I've used it just a short few days and finding new ways to use it all the time even though it needs a little tweaking. I'll report more when its done.
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