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  1. No contest between q3's vs 2ct's. Rider preference's always play a large role, but the fundamentals are solidly better.
  2. Turn 8 at @ mid-o is called Madness for good reason. Palmer in Mass is still in the throws of naming it's corners. That track has two downhill sections like Laguna. I sent in a suggestion for the first corner at the bottom of the first hill. Turn 7, at the bottom of "whiskey hill" should be called "shot glass". We will see if they take my suggestion. lol You used to be able to scrape you shoulder on the wall there before they moved the wall back. #Crazyloco!!!! Maybe see you at Mid-O Kevin? If so, look for me in garages 1-6, black and yellow r6 with a big C sticker on it.
  3. Hey SJTrance, Imma kind of be short with my post here. Your fundamental issue is getting a good lock on the bike with your lower body. I have some questions for you to help you along the way though... 1. Do you hang off to much 2. When you feel hip pain, do you also feel tightness in your arms/shoulders 3. Do the balls of your feet hurt While hanging off is a good thing, it's fundamentally different for each rider as we all are not cast from the same mold. Please take some time and experiment with riding positions that compliment your abilities and physical characteristics t
  4. Welcome John, Perhaps see you at CSS or midohio sometime soon. Great outlook on things, never stop learning.
  5. Some of this is funny, other parts that seem funny are spot on serious. Step 1: put on socks, slide across a hardwood floor until you can slide 10ft+ repeatedly and laugh the whole time Step 2: get a skateboard and ride it, the art of balance and how you use your body to influence it is important Step 3: breath... relax... learn to only react to what you really need to react to. If you need an extreme example, get 3 friends... give 2 of them pool noodles, give the other a baseball bat and tell them to hit you Step 4: ride the skateboard again and notice the differences in the reactions
  6. I don't think you're missing anything. I just didn't take her post as meaning 100% back in the seat, just back far enough to get a good lock on the bike and then maybe a bit farther. I dunno, I am sure she is not sitting so far back she becomes disconnected. So maybe there is some room to play with, maybe there isn't, but yea... any mass moved forward will move the CoG.
  7. khp, unless you're double jointed in your back, keeping a lower CoG in the braking zone normally comes along with sitting farther back in the seat. If you have watched the twist 2 dvd, there a scene where the rider is hard on the brakes. Sitting up straight, unlocked from the bike and stiff armed... the bike stoppies. Locked on and loose arms is smoother and in control. What is NOT "said" in the video is, the rider is sitting farther back in the saddle AND has a lower CoG. I have watched many scenes in slow motion, things get real interesting at 1/4 speed.
  8. Awesome! I love it when a plan comes together.
  9. That is just too damn cool! I see it has limits right now, but the idea is sound.
  10. Someone is seeing the effects of steering with the rear. ‚Äč
  11. Just a hunch here, but after you come to terms with your new markers, your throttle control will get even better. The flat throttle you have in those problems areas should become smooth rolls. And we know what that does for stability right?
  12. Cool track, looks alot like Gateway in St. Louis. Ok then, one last thing. Let's work the problem from the other end backward... Quick turning, we both know that the the turn in point affects your brake marker. For those problem corners, can you adjust your turn in point via a quicker flick or track positioning to allow for a better brake marker and more compliant feel in the braking zone? While it might not agree with the "race line" perfectly but you know... each rider has their take on lines. Or will it kill an early, clean throttle roll? Alternate lines are useful tools, perhaps us
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