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  1. Dear Cobie, Many thanks for pushing this first CSS camp in TaiwN come true! You and Steve brought us an amazing course ! Also many thanks to Victor and Gina to organize the great course! I am so honored to be one of the students! The experience is fantastic! I learned not just riding skill but also the importance of course organizaton! It's very helpful. Look forward to see you again and the next course!
  2. It's amazing and wonderful! 2-days Level 1&2 course was beginning with a sunny day and ending with rain. No matter it was sunny or rainy, I learned and understood a lot under professional coaches' instructions. Thanks to all coaches in this course! Especially to Cobie Fair for making this first CSS camp in Taiwan come true, to Steve Brouggy for the professional coaches team and the organized course, and to Louie Filis for being my on-track coach.
  3. It's so exciting the day is coming, after a six-month waiting!
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