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  1. I ride a supermoto. Commute to work on it, go to the track every other week in the summer. I ride logging roads and do some technical single track on a trials bike. Before that I raced some mini bikes which was about the most fun I've had on a bike yet. I'm trying to work on what Mr. Code calls the "Band of Traction".
  2. That's a great way of putting it into words. I have done a bit of riding in the dirt/gravel and I agree 100% that is probably the best place to start to learn control. Just need to get out there more. One thing I did learn was street tires on a logging road with snow does not equal control I'll take my bike out to some gravel roads again over the break and try some things. I rode a friends trail bike that had suspension that was stiffer than can be and it rattled my bones loose but it did give me more feedback. I wish we had dirt track racing around here, that would be a great place to learn. True true, I am definitely of the former, not going to fast but already at the limit. I have read both books, watched both DVD's and I have read that article. Just trying to learn new good habits.
  3. Hey everybody got a question about 'how to feel the traction in the tires'? I remember Ricky Carmichael saying once that near the end of his long career he could just look at the dirt in front him and know the amount of traction he was going to have. Coming from the car world and tracking/autcrossing I learned how to feel the amount of traction my car had front or rear through the sounds the tires made and steering input/butt-o-meter. Now in the bike world I feel like I have to relearn everything(which is not a problem) Background: Did a bit of racing with minibikes YSR 80. Now I ride a supermoto DRZ400 with Michelin Power Pures and in the summer season get to practice supermoto track pretty much every week. Areas I would like to have a better feel for how much traction I have in either front or rear tire(how close am I to the limit): Corner Entry on the brakes (Front tire) Mid corner( front tire) Mid corner initial throttle applied (rear tire) Corner exit rolling on more throttle( rear tire) Currently I'm too 'scared' to run deep into corners with the front brake because I can't feel when the front is going to let go. I have had two crashes on the track which were carbon copies of each other just turning different directions. Both were sharp >90 degree corners in 1st gear. Corners I was feeling very comfortable with. I may have been leaning the bike too far over because the first time I crashed the preceding few laps I was scrapping my footpeg. The second time I was chasing somebody on a faster bike. What happened was that I would get to the apex or just before and crack the throttle open as smoothly as I could and then or just after the rear tire would break loose with no warning and step out, and come around. I lowsided both times I think because I made no effort to recover the slide which might turn in to a highside. I spoke with some of the faster riders at the track and they suggested I may have just run out of tire grip. This is entirely possible since the tires I was running were 4 months old. I am concerned about the way the rear let go, there was no warning like there is when I step the back out on corner exit. I can upload the clips of the crashes if that would help but they are not that exciting. Cheers
  4. rain rain, go away

  5. +1 Minibikes are a super fun/cheap way to get leaned over and learn some racing techniques.
  6. Hey everybody, Just checking in from the rainy pacific northwest here in British Columbia. Cheers!
  7. Just a bit cold outside

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