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  1. As far as looking into the turn. I don't think I have any issues here. I always look into the turn. I always have my head turned. I did find out yesterday that I am right eye dominant. This makes alot of sense. I did a little test. I went out to the same canyon I ride. But I took my truck our there this time. I know it's a totally different vehicle and on four wheels, but I felt more comfortable going faster on right turns than left. Even in my truck. And it definitely does have to do with which eye is dominant.i can feel it.
  2. Dylan here. No one really knows why most prefer turning in a particular direction but it's my guess that is may be related to which eye is dominant. Aside from that, one way to assist in the corners is to turn your head in further--riders tend to not turn their heads into the turn direction they don't like. Also they tend to get tense. So two things you can do is remember to turn your head in, and apply the "relax" drill. DC Thank you Dylan. I will apply this drill and turn my head in more. I do notice that when I'm relaxed on my rights, my right should seems to drop more naturally as well
  3. Pic on my GSXR600 was my second time out to the canyons and the pic on the R1 was the 4th time out. More speed of course. This is the same exact turn.
  4. These past couple of months, a friend of mine has taken the time to mentor me in the canyons. I have improved my riding level by at least 70%. Entry speed, speed in the turn, exit speed, body positioning, braking, the whole nine yards. Even my left turns and I hate left turns! I attended CSS back in September at SOW. I learned a bunch while being there. I took level 1 only, but had a blast!! I remember Dylan asking who was left handed. I was the only one who raised my hand. He then asks me "You must LOVE right turns?" I gave him a big nod, lol. I don't remember what he said after that, but
  5. Franco,I have an R6S that has a throttle that is very tricky as well. It is very easy to be abrupt when transitioning from off-throttle to on-throttle. I used to hate it but I've learned to appreciate it because it requires a very delicate touch. One that you can't have when you're even remotely stiff on the bars. It taught me that when I was being abrupt with the throttle it was because I wasn't relaxing enough. Now, a rough transition form off to on throttle is my first indication that I need to relax so I've learned to embrace that tricky throttle. It's been a great training aid. Try
  6. As for the SR of rolling off the throttle mid-corner... let's work toward that answer by having you (or anyone else) answer this question first: 1) What desirable effects does good throttle have on the bike? It maximizes two important things. What are they? Benny Better control & keeps the bike stable??
  7. Yes you are correct Benny. I have still been thinking about what happen and it has stuck in my mind. I never chop the throttle. I have taught myself that with my own experience and reading Keith Code's book and watching TOTW2. When I first started riding last year I had a Harley iron 883. I got bored and decided to purchase a sport bike. So I went out and purchased an 05' R1 which was not a good Idea, especially after only putting 190 miles on the Harley and selling it. So I mostly learned on the R1. The thing I learned on that liter bike the most was throttle control. I quickly learned t
  8. I rode dirt for years, but never had rode a street bike until last year in November. I took the MSF class through Harley Davidson which was an excellent course. Not the regular 2 day msf with 125cc bikes. This was a 5 day class and we used Buell Blasts which were 4 stroke 500cc I believe. We had 5 females in our class and they did great. These bikes are hard to come by these days.
  9. I'm going to have to agree with you. It does feel soft. Especially when I was out at the Super bike school wearing a full suit. Not that it would of made me better as I wasn't that fast anyway. But I could tell it was softer.
  10. Also wanted to add that my suspension has never been touched. I haven't had it adjusted. I weigh 209 lbs. Not sure for what weight factory settings are.
  11. I do remember it being very hard to counter steer near the end.
  12. So true. I definitely was not ready for the second apex.for crying out loud, they even show this in TOTW2. I've watched that video over 50 times (not kidding) and I still managed to screw up that turn.
  13. Yes your correct, I was already looking inside of the corner and near the end I went wide and then target fixated on the wall and ditch.
  14. I turned in way to early. I did not turn where I intended to. I was keeping steady gas in the turn. But when I got half way through it, I slowly accelerated. Then I started going wide and started looking at the wall, then down at the ditch. I should of kept looking into the turn. I think this is where the hook turn maneuver would of helped?
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