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  1. Thanks. No problem with the line. The book just seemed to make it seem like the constant radius arc was wrong. I realize that the hook option is available if I need to change my line for a pass etc. in that corner, or as I progress and up my speed even more to tighten my line.
  2. So in TOWT II page 59, there is a diagram showing a turn and then the path of travel of a hook and an arc. With a descriptor that you want to weight on the front to get the bite and turn action. Also getting on the gas to early starts the bike on a constant radius arc before you get it pointed I am trying to apply this in my head to turn 3 of VIR N. This is a very fast left hand corner into a short straight, that I normally don't slow for and definitely don't brake for this turn-thus I wouldn't get that bite and turn help. I can only guess that maybe a quick pause on acceleration would
  3. anthem, if your out and about stop into New Town - Zpizza. I'm there most days - Eric
  4. Yeah, the GPS refresh rate isn't great. But for my novice rear end it does the job. Also the fact that I'm on a Buell 1125, GPS is about the only thing I can use. Most items don't interface well with our ECM, and since we are no longer in production most items don't support us. Track addicts aleast does the overlay on the gopro footage so makes a decent video.
  5. I was looking at the "Trackaddict" iphone app, it will overlay all the information on video(either gopro or iophone camera) and can connect to the can/bus either via plug/play or bluetooth. wouldn't show braking, but it would show slowing at least.
  6. When doing a single day, on my bike, is there any issue with running warmers between sessions?
  7. After not riding for most of the winter, I was very rusty, lower confidence, nerves etc. I think we need some more info about your issues and type of riding. Just got done with first of this season track days this past weekend. The first 2 sessions were horrible-I mean horrible- throttle control awful, reference points ######, etc i felt and looked like that guy going in circles in the parking lot in twist 2 video. Sat out the session After lunch, thought about what my goals were for the day, went out he next 2 sessions at about 60% working on points and throttle control. Slowly wor
  8. just rewatched the section in twist 2 about suspension and acceleration. I was associating rear tire slipping under hard acceleration with weight transfer forward, whereas it was because of the stiffened rear suspension-due to rise-that caused the slipping.
  9. So if under hard acceleration the rear rises, I can make the assumption that weight transfers forward?
  10. Hayes will take it all, just not as soon as last year. Herrin was getting towed around the track, but even then he was taking areas like the bus stop different than hayes. I'm really hoping that Eslick, Carndenas, Herrin, and Hayes will be mixing it up come mid season when bike issues are sorted out. Pegram may even be in the mix now that he is getting support.
  11. This year is going to be hard to get into because of the lack of tv coverage. But: Pedrosa-Honda is fast Lorenzo- going to need some help to defend title Rossi-still has it but just not enough Crutchlow-will start to pull it all together Marquez-fast should get some poles
  12. Everytime I watch the AMA with Scott announcing all I can think about is "Huckleberry Hound" is it just me? Now back to your regularly scheduled program. sorry about the hijack.
  13. Just started using stair climber, really works different muscles than the stationary bike. Going to start rotating between rower, bike, and stair climber.
  14. warregl, there is a guy on ncsportbikes.com that is uploading the race files to a google account, they are in 780i and can be downloaded to disk/file to be watched later. pm me if you want information, or the file share link.
  15. These cones are on the exterior of the track, are set up each day(possibly by someone different). While I don't think they are completely wrong. My thoughts are these: 1. they are not my RP, or timing points for my plan of that turn 2. they are set up by someone else that my have a completely different plan for the turn or the day as a whole 3. Ive actually been told by someone with one of the track organizations that they purposly move the apex cone and additional 4 feet into the turn, because they feel its safer that way 4. the track organizations Ive rode with in the beginner/interm
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