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  1. I've had a two-piece Dainese ensemble for several years that is well-made and still serviceable. However, when I decided to get a one-piece for the track, I finally went with a Taichi suit after (too) much research. Outstanding design & construction using heavy, soft leather and well-perforated for hot Florida weather. Fortunately, it fit me perfectly without alteration and when riding, I don't even notice it. Very pleased with the quality. Haven't 'tested' it yet - hope I don't have to! - but others who've crashed it reported that it provided solid protection and held up exceptionally well. BTW, as others have mentioned, make sure you try on suits with the protective gear you'll be wearing underneath - your back and/or chest protector will make a big difference.
  2. One more question on this topic for CSS staff: I purchased a new set of Pirellis and wanted to know if I can have them mounted Thu afternoon (5/30) when I arrive? I have F/R paddock stands & tools, so I'll be able to dismount the wheels myself. Thanks!
  3. The Hampton Inn Birmingham/Leeds is just two miles from Barber, so this might be your best bet to minimize travel to/from the track.
  4. I look forward to seeing you guys there! Come say hi, I'm Laura. I'm a coach, I'll be the one with long brown hair in a braid. Thanks, Laura ... 1 more week!
  5. I thought that was Cobie's new look? Thanks, Carey. Though I live near St Aug now (beautiful place!), I'm originally a Jersey shore guy and wound up here after 30 years of Navy service. Welcome to the forum capnjack. The kid in you is in for a lot of fun and the adult in you is in for some fantastic education. BTW...I'm an old florida boy myself (5th gen no less) and I love St Agustine. As a kid my folks would take us there every few years to see "Cross and Sword" and tour the Castillio. Good memories. Best, Carey
  6. Thanks, man - gonna be a great experience, I'm sure!
  7. After doing further research and reading the much-appreciated comments here, I'm going to stick with the OEM Pirelli's - at least until (or if) Ducati develop different maps for other tires. Thanks for the tip on the superstock ECU, anthem, but I'm not at a level right now where I want or need to pursue this option. Agree with comments that traction control and other electronic systems can't completely replace skilled riding ... but isn't it comforting to know that if you screw up, it may not necessarily result in a binned bike! Hey, that's why I'm coming to CSS ... to become a more skilled rider!
  8. True, Ducati are not having 'the best of times' ... for the moment. Given time and development, though, I'm confident they'll be winning again. Competition makes for good ebb and flow of the top marques - like Honda! All bikes, all good.
  9. Safe travels to you and your buddy ... where in FL is he coming from?
  10. Trailering the Panigale ... couldn't get a charter flight to load it up for me!
  11. Thanks, Brad! Still searching/querying other forums about effects of the 200/55 vs 200/50 difference on the Panigale DTC.
  12. Coming to Barber for classes on 31 May/1 Jun and bringing my Panigale which is fitted with OEM Pirelli Supercorsa SP V2's. Frankly, they are in very good shape, but I'm not sure they would meet the CSS 90% standard. I'd like to take advantage of the student discount on the Dunlop Q2's, but are Q2's available in my size(s): Front - 120/70-17; Rear - 200/55-17) (Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system is calibrated only for the exact size of the Pirelli V2's.) Alternatively, If I bring a set of new Pirelli's, will CSS techs mount them for me upon arrival if mine don't pass inspection? Appreciate any and all responses!
  13. Thanks and, yes, I'm arriving at Barber's on 30 May for the 31 May/1 Jun classes ... and bringing the Panigale!
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