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  1. I agree with all the above, plus level 3 will tie it all up for you with the body position training. You may be surprized at how much comes back to you from level 2 once your on track again. Review the level one and two material.. watch the school CD`s available from CSS. Most important is remember how to recognise the SR`s. A mental relaxed state is important as well. This is fun right!
  2. Level 3 Report from the Streets of Willow My dad got home at 3:00pm from work on Friday and we packed and left for the Street of willow at 5:00 and we got there at 1:00 in the morning then woke up at 5:30. When we got there we could already tell it was going to be a hot day. I was really looking forward to getting more comfortable on the RS125 two stroke. We passed tech and then registered and then it was time to learn. Level 3 in a sense was about body position and merging with the bike and it really helped me. One of my favorite things we did was the knee to knee drill. Mickey was my coach for the day I really liked him and we got along good together. When I would come in from a track session I would tell him how I felt. Then he would tell me what I can do better and I would go back out and fix it. Since this was not a Code Race day or a club race day and most riders ride were student street riders we couldn’t pass unless we are 6 feet away and I got told to try not to pass very close and then I got black flagged for passing to close As a racer it comes as kind of as an instinct to me and I got too excited and I forgot. I really wasn’t even close to my race pace. I got sort of bummed about it but when I thought about it a little more and talked to my Dad I realized I had made a mistake. I felt like I was getting faster each session when applying what I learned in the class room to the track. The last session of the day I got stuck behind a lot of people for mainly the whole session and I was more worried about getting black flagged again than just passing them quick and safe. I kind of beat myself up for that and you could notice that in my riding as well. So after the day we were going to figure out what we wanted to do on Sunday because we had planned going to race on Sunday at big Willow but there was no one in my class so we talked with Trevor and Dylan and asked if we could do another level if there was an open spot or a no –show for school. The next day we got their and Trevor said that there is a spot open for level 4 but I told him we really didn’t plan for it so Trevor and Dylan Code let me ride during lunch by myself with Josh and another coach to ride and work on things. I could go as fast as I can and it was a blast! I told Trevor I was sorry for my behavior about getting frustrated on the last session on Saturday. But before it was my track time I asked Trevor if I could have job in the morning and he directed my to the ladies who work the school who put me to work helping out. I made sure all the coolers were full of water at all times and other things. I liked helping and talking to the students. I worked with coach Josh during lunch and had some fun riding fast because there was just me and the corner workers and some coaches riding and I got more confident pinning it and flew through the kink after the back strait and I could keep it pinned hard through turn one up the hill. That was very cool. I also met the representative from Schuberth Helemts and together we found a helmet that really worked for me. With every helmet I have used before I always had trouble getting my head up far enough while cornering really low to see down track far enough. It was because of the shell size and the view port and all my helmets have always contacted my suit in the back. They let me wear their helmet and try it out. I could finally see far down track during corner exits and it really helped me a lot! The ventilation really works and the comfort was amazing. It didn’t feel like I was wearing a helmet at all! I want one! Over all it was an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to go again in October!I want to thank California Superbike School with Dylan Code, Josh, Trevor, Will and all the coaches and staff and my sponsors, Go Arizona Motorcycles, Podium Motorsports-Pirelli, Impact Safety Armor, Hazardous Racing, Ten10 Graphics and all my friends
  3. Looking forward to level 3 and another round of Code Race.. Signed up again.
  4. Fantastic event and great results. Nic won the D-Superbike class from the holeshot to the checkered. We earned a 3rd in Formula 3... Both races were over all finishes.. 1st and 3rd. NicsDad had tears of joy. A 4800 mile round trip. Thanks CSS for the great training!
  5. Major WooHoo! We will be racing at the Superbike Shootout at Auto Club Speedway on April 26-27 !! See you there!
  6. Cary, We plan to be there. We are kind of tossing around which series to concentrate on right now... CCS or the WERA Nationals. It would be great to run both but budget considerations win unless we can secure some help with funding. The CCS series is where I think the best "quality " seat time is right now. Good organization and fast company . On the other hand the WERA Nationals would get us out west to race on more tracks. We really want to race at Miller in Utah.. but it just doesnt look like there are many running in our classes. We also want to attend another CODE Race School this year. Not sure which one is doable yet. We would love to attend the first one at Thunderbolt but Barber is close and we love the track and facility. All the best, and thanks for the support. The article was great, I am pleased it was primarily about the benefits of a kid developing on a Moriwaki GP bike with CSS. Nic got to be the vehicle to help drive the message and we are very grateful. Oh, just to bang our drum a little, Nic earned a second place finish in Formula 3 and a 6th in Formula 2 Expert on a 250 against a field of 650`s and 600`s in the first race of the season. How? Code corner speed.
  7. Thank you CSS and staff for helping Nic earn his WERA expert status in 2013. We sincerely believe you were intsrumental in his achievement and look forward to more sessions with you this year.
  8. Greetings, Looking for CSS decals for the race season this year, I did not see any on line.
  9. 2013 WERA Novice rookie year results WERA NATIONAL CHALLENGE SERIES Formula 3 4th Formula 2 3rd WERA REGIONAL S SOUTHEAST Formula 3 1st Formula 2 2nd MID CENTRAL Formula 3 2nd Formula 2 5th NOLA Formula 3 4th Formula 2 5th NORTH FLORIDA Formula 3 1st Formula 2 2nd Thank you California Superbike School, we have no reservations that the season would not have turned out so successful had we not attended. Looking forward to coming back in 2014.
  10. We plan to just keep riding anything, anywhere we can even if all the tracks are done for the season. We can`t attend the various track days over the winter in Florida due to age restictions but we plan to race some endurance events and super moto on kart tracks.This weekend we practiced rear wheel sliding on the throttle and cornering in the dirt on CRF100`s. knobbie tire on the front and a street tire on the rear. The goal is to feel just as comfortable with a motorcycle under you as your own two legs under as many conditions as possible.
  11. knee down on pocket bikes bike by the age of three.....
  12. While watching my son at Code Race from the "balcony" at Willow Springs I noticed Keith standing at the fence watching intensely as the students were racing. It was cold and windy that day. I walked up and casualy asked how long he has been doing this. His answer was 34 years. I said, and your still here watching... He smiled big and said, no one else will give me a job, joking obviously. I laughed and I thought, this man has been doing this for 34 years, he has a great staff and does not need to be here yet here he is.. That seals my loyalty.
  13. Without knowing her size and so on.. Something with modern stopping power, it must be dependable.. sudden mechanical problems can unerve a new rider at the wrong time, assuming it will be on the street. It should have at least enough power to be able to relax. It should handle "properly". Those mid eighties small cruisers is no way to teach a rider IMHO. My vote.. start with a Ninja 250 or the honda CBR250 or bump up a little for a larger person.
  14. I think I have spent enough time time pacing the pit wall like a caged Leopard in a zoo watching my son race. I can think of no better way to understand what he is going through lap after lap than to get out there with him. I am a bit older than most but have been riding dirt and sport bikes (okay cafe) for 40+ years. My racing experience is old, way old. Fast canyon carving is nothing like racing. I am a smaller adult and I think I can fold up on a Moriwaki 250 just fine. The comradery will be fun for sure, until he spanks me good in a corner. We could use a like back up bike too, unless I wad it up. We will need to bring along a friend, he`s not old enough to drive me home... For those of you considering racing think about this.You will be on a good surface on a closed circuit with people all going in the same direction. There will be people stationed at stategic locations keeping an eye on things. There will an ambulance on site with the engine running with EMT`s trained on the proper way to remove a helmet and the types of injuries you may get. No one races while talking or texting on a phone.. etc. You want to do it. Do it. Live life to the fullest. If you and one other racer are dead last and are in close proximity, you have a race. No shame. Just the time of your life.
  15. The WERA Grand National Finals is just days away. Nic is currently in 2nd place in points for the national formula 2 novice class, and 4th place in national points for formula 3. I think I am feeling more pressure than he is. Just hoping for a clean, fast, safe race. Looks like we may doing the wets vs. slicks tire dance with the weather forcast. Wish us luck, its been a heck of rookie novice year!
  16. let me think... 1969 "LiL Indian Minibike... 3hp Briggs and Stratton, governor removed, straight pipe... fast! 1971 Yamaha Mini Enduro 1972 Yamaha LT2 MX 1974 Yamaha MX100 1977 Yamaha XS650 1979 Yamaha XS650 1982 Suzuki GS550M Katana 1981 Honda CR125 1984 Yamaha RZ350 1986 Yamaha 700 Fazer 1987 Yamaha 700 Fazer 1995 Triumph 900 Daytona Super III 1998 Triumph 900 Sprint SS 2004 Triumph Daytona 955i 2005 Yamaha FJR1300 2009 aprilia Tuono...... no bike for me right now there is still my wifes 2009 aprilia Shiver and my son`s 2008 Moriwaki MD250h... next for me? I have no idea, since we began racing my taste for street riding has curiously vanished. Think I need a TZ or a RS250 two-smoke. Then again the upcoming MV Agusta F3-800 has me drooling again.
  17. grabbing handfulls of front brake and getting all of the down shifting done as deep and late in the corner as possible.. is what we have been told and we see many racers practicing this method.. depends on the corner..? Not so sure that it is good to scrub off all of that momentum.. with lots of horse power you may still get a decent drive out, but IMHO not near as much exit speed will be possible without a smooth planned entry and on a small bike definatley not. Opinions?
  18. Welcome, I think the eye to hand coordination required of a fighter pilot is very similar and will transfer well! The speed threshold may be different than racing a motorcyle unless you were flying at 500 feet in full burner with some close by visual references! I was a crew chief in the "tailhook division" of the military aviation world. While not a pilot, I did get my share of backseat rides in TA4-J`s and a couple of cat-shots. Sportbike piloting has sufficed very well since! Best of success and welcome to the madness for there is no escape.
  19. Benny, Thanks for the kind words. We can only hope to reach Joe`s level one day, but we believe we can. One apex at a time.
  20. Just wanted to share the news and my support for the California Superbike School. Nicholas Swensgard attended levels one and two at V.I.R. on his Moriwaki 250 this past September. Ever since the school his lap times have dropped an average of six seconds per lap at every track he raced on previous to the school, including V.I.R. Nic is the WERA Southeast and North Florida regional Formula 3 Champion for 2013. Nic also has a shot at two national titles, Formula 2 and Formula 3 in a couple of weeks at the WERA Grand National Finals at Barber Motorsports Park. He has always done very well there and likes the track so we are hoping for a great event. Thanks CSS we are looking forward to Code Race in a few weeks at Willow and levels 3 and 4 early next season. If you would like to learn more about Nic you can find him on F.B. at Nicholas Swensgard Racing and on Roadracing World Magazine on-line on the racers profile page.
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