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    Oct 26th 2013
  1. Hotfoot, the way i understood it is that increasing rear wheel speed at the same time decrease contact patch (aka Grip) is a recipe for disaster. is this your take on it as well?? (Signorelli was my coach you can blame him lol) JK so this is why you do not want to increase at the same time you decrease My Coach actually talked to me for about 2 hrs on the phone working this out after a really big off in T11 at HPR in 2015. this is why a stand by CSB. At Roberts, the way i remedied this bad habit on the track (racing with the MRA in Colorado) was i added to my corner routine "break in, throttle out".....and stand it up with throttle as a common routine this is somewhat subjective and again i will refer to Hotfoot, is this your experience as well? this is what worked for me it got me cornering better cleaner smoother and chasing a championship. good luck
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