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  1. I know what you mean about time! I don't have kids, but work a full time job...plus teach lessons to kids on the weekends. Every now and then I get to pop on a pony at the barn, or go trail riding with friends...but I do miss showing/jumping regularly. This has kind of become where I am putting a lot of that energy!
  2. I have the same problem up here in Seattle! But, my Dad and I are thinking of taking our bikes down to Arizona for the winter and storing with a friend so we can make a few weekend trips down there to ride....it's a big "if" though, we might not get organized enough to do it. I already miss it!!
  3. Hi from the Seattle area. I am new to the forum and relatively new to riding. Hoping to go to school spring 2014....but the change in Seattle weather has slowed my progress toward 2,000 miles....may ship my bike south for the winter so I can try to get some riding in. Nice to meet all of you! Kayce
  4. Hi! I am a "beginner" rider and new to the forum. To be fair, my brother was a pretty successful flat track racer and I have been around motorcycles most of my life, but never had much interest in them until this year. So, when I called my Dad to tell him I wanted to learn to ride, he was ecstatic! He started me out riding a little dirt bike around their property, then sent me to school for my endorsement. Between these two things, I got a good grasp on my basic skills (starting, shifting, braking, etc) before ever getting on a street bike. Long story short (when my Dad thought I had a good enough grasp), we found a used little Ninja 250 for me. I am a very small person, 5'2", 105lbs. I can get my feet on the ground on this bike, and the throttle has been pretty forgiving when I make mistakes. I am having a blast learning and riding and just trying to get my 2,000 miles so I can come to school! It has been an awesome beginner bike and I had a lot of fun this past summer getting out on it. It has enough power for highway speeds, which is good because I keep my bike at my parents and we have to get on the highway at least once each ride. I would totally recommend it.
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