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  1. @csmith12 : THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING RESPONSE !! This will take some time to digest B: Moving your bumm while on the brakes - will be more unstable and my reasoning is that as I'm braking my body is shifting forward and moving sideways while squeezing the tank is counter productive? "Would it help if the rider was able to complete some of those tasks earlier?" - Is there an order here that is preferred? I can think of get all / MOST of the braking done first, downshift/blip/rev match, move half moon off the seat, lock, counter steer, kiss the mirror.
  2. I never paid attention to but I can say for sure that when I make left hand turns I use the arc of my right foot to apply pressure to raise my knee slightly to lock on the tank..... which to me is comfortable. I'm 5'11.5 tall. I'm curios if adjusting or somehow making the left foot peg or heel guard higher or lower will help me?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie (7 track days so far) and love the sport! As part of my learning curve and doing my search in our 77 pages in the cornering section I'm trying to find techniques and suggestions on how to hang off your right(bad) side? A good analogy I got was that initially this is natural as most people even driving cars may not be as smooth turning right vs. left. I am confident, relaxed, predictable and smooth when it comes to taking left hand turns but anything to my right...... I grip the bars like I'm holding on for dear life, have a hard time sliding back to the mid
  4. thank you for responding. Can't wait to work on this next season !
  5. out of curiosity and a side question, the S100RR is on my hit list when I have the full amount in cash in a couple of years - I've read all the fantastic reviews and the cons - can you provide a brief input on your opinion on the bike? Would love to hear first hand feedback
  6. So I'm a little confused by your response, Your setting up for the corner before you initiate your steering input, but you don't dig your knee into the gas tank until after you steer the bike ? T-McKeen - first of all thank you for responding. That is correct... that's what I've done on the last track day when I learned it. Shall I try something different? How do you support your upper body weight ? If feasible, can you put the bike on stands, shift into your mid corner body position and let go of the clip on's entirely ? This is not the coach in the chicagoland area bu
  7. Hi Cobie, this is what I have done from reading Twist of the Wrist 2, watching the DVD, listening to the coaches (some former AMA riders) and from experience. Scenario: A right hand turn on a track. My reference points are either on the ground or the 4, 3, 2 , 1 markers that car drivers use Checklist: 1.Coming down the straight I ensure my crotch is a few inches from the tank 2. Squeeze tank and brake 3. get lowER (squat position on the bike) 4. freeze/lock the throttle 5. Push on right handle bar 6. Dig left thigh on gas tank 7. Twist right foot and rest heel on swing arm (
  8. I'm a newbie hoping someday to take CSS but for I do track days in the Chicago area during the 5 months of summer that we have. I am learning from great coaches we have with sportbiketracktime.com and have learned plenty from this forum. AMAZING WORK, KUDO's to the team! My question: How can I practice offline steering the motorcycle using pivot points ? On a bicycle or even on the streets. I know there is a difference of opinion where riders swear by it to corner and others counter steer by pushing or pulling on the bar. I'm having a hard time on corners pivoting and weighting th
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